Once Paper Boats


Sharing poetry from a chapbook written many years ago.

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19590412022_7e6e988977_o Byron Bay – from the Cliffs – June Perkins

Paper boats conjure dreams
of petals soaked by
scents of the

Traveling boats
float in shadows

who have simple hope for happy lands,

but white markers sink
in sandy earth
marking graves of people
who cannot resist new germs.

‘Once watched paper boats,’*
ông nội, grandfather paternal says
but nobody understands
Vietnamese words, no translators here.

So shadow puppets dance
for petals
falling from kumquat boughs.

Extract from Shadow Puppets, p. 4

(c) June Perkins

*Would like to have this line in Vietnamese
chiếc thuyền giấy theo dõi is the google translation
but will have to do some more research as these translations
are sometimes clunky and want to make sure it is poetic.

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Rope Walker


Blogging one of my chapbooks from many years ago. Here is the first piece from Shadow Puppets.

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19406485340_607c01acd1_o Cliffs, Byron Bay – June Perkins

Found some old poetry chap books I made for friends when I was in my twenties and thirties, so will be sharing some of the work from them but updating it just a little if necessary.

Valley of rocks
reveal a playground
for the wedge-tailed  pretender.

Legend tempts her
to find the air
with fruit bat wings.

Her mercurial feet
gain courageous

She mocks the air
brushes the rope
now super grips it.

Soft touch again

She dances
a tribute to the cherubs
throws away her training net
glides to the other side

to leave those chariots chanting
we’ll carry you home another day.

(c) June Perkins

Extract from Shadow Puppets p.1

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Just discovered this blog Tales from Pasifika. It reviews writers with Pasifika themes. Here is a reblog of an interview done by the blogger.

Originally posted on Tales from Pasifika:

Lehua Parker is not only an enormously talented writer, but also an utterly lovely lady. Although she has been living among haoles for quite a while now, she is a true kama’aina. In the aloha spirit, she agreed to answer a few questions about her books and Hawaii.


Pasifika Tales: Pacific Literature enthusiasts are familiar with your Niuhi Shark Saga, which is absolutely amazing. But you also wrote another series, called Lauele Town Stories. Could you say something more about those tales?

Lehua Parker: Lauele Town Stories and The Niuhi Shark Saga are set in the same world, a place that’s mostly like modern Hawaii, but is also a place where the largely unseen world of myths and legends interact with humans. Like many small island towns, the residents’ lives in Lauele are entwined – some for generations.

The Niuhi books tell just a small sliver of what goes on…

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Apple Cores


I’d like to encourage my blog readers to head over and visit and read Mel’s blog of her journey in the Philippines. So happy she is coming back soon to Australia and hope to catch up with her then.

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Apple cores have been on my mind these past months since having a seven year old boy stay with me for a time. Apple cores, the burden of gadgets and not blogging.

Three hours ago I was about to donate the lot to the nearest NGO and rid myself of the problem so I could just play with the kids, support the ladies in the livelihood projects and cut apples.

When I began this website last year, it was really about raising funds for the people of the Philippines who had been affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Arriving  here for the first time last year I was so overwhelmed by the poverty and the website, www.lovethepeopleyoumeet.com was borne of that (as well as something I had read from Mother Teresa). So many people had donated and those funds helped rebuild houses, refinance loans, buy food, medicines, clothes, school supplies and pay for…

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Interview with YA and picture book author Paula Yoo


I love hearing about books like this. Discovered another author to look out for.

Originally posted on HENRYHERZ.COM → KidLit, Fantasy & Sci-Fi:

Paula Yoo is a children’s book author and TV writer/producer. Her latest book, TWENTY-TWO CENTS: MUHAMMAD YUNUS AND THE VILLAGE BANK (Lee & Low), is a Junior Library Guild “Best Book” selection. Other books include the YA novel GOOD ENOUGH (HarperCollins ’08) and IRA Notables SIXTEEN YEARS IN SIXTEEN SECONDS: THE SAMMY LEE STORY and SHINING STAR: THE ANNA MAY WONG STORY (Lee & Low Books). She is also a writer/producer for TV drama series, including NBC’s The West Wing, SyFy’s Eureka, Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, and SyFy’s Defiance. When she’s not writing, Paula is also a freelance violinist. She lives in Los Angeles.


For what age audience do you write?

I write non-fiction picture book biographies for the K-3rd grades and YA novels for teenagers. I am also a TV writer/producer for TV drama series.

Henry: Yoo must be a busy lady!

Tell us about your latest book.

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