Soul Spinners

Photo: Andrusha Glassman
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The Following poems are featured in slide show with other poems dedicated to Martha and Tahirih

Soul Spinners

Spinning the stories of past, present and future
Those who live the stories tell of other's glories.

The spindle of the heart tightens and winds
The thread of the soul weavers becomes the twine

Tahirih and Martha, Effie and Bahiyyih
East and West form the warp and weft

Each spinner takes a new spool
Begins to live by new rules

The sisters and the brothers of tomorrow
They are weaving truths from sorrow

The spindle of the hearts spin
As each finds in the other spiritual kin

Beyond a kin of blood and land they will seek the
Soul's strands run them through the fingers just as
Hair through lover's hands

But this is more than even that love
This is that which flies as if it is the very dove
To Noah saying that the storms have ended.

Song for Martha

By a rainbow tree in Honolulu
Rainbow languages are gently flowing
Singing, "Martha board your next canoe"
Whether she knows the next bend's turning
Her heart is filled with a simple yearning
She is drawn to follow every rainbow
Searching the mysteries of its soul

On every continent she can only sing
Filled to the brim with her love of Him
Drawn on and on to where the next path is going
The red hues of her sacrifice growing
Her will with others does not always intertwine
But still on and on she rainbow dances
On boats, canoes, ferries aeroplanes and trains

Each stop is a spirit travel line
That feels itself drawn to the divine
On a train bound for glory
There's the beginning of her next story

In each rioting mob within places of unrest
She tries to see glimmers of light
The dawn of orange and yellow in her sight

In her pale blue silk dress and brown overcoat
Accompanied by one small suitcase full mostly of books
She'll travel the endless greens
On her way to visit Queen Marie.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved


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