Quotes on Archives in the Land

Compilation of quotes from Visitors to Archives in the Land

It looks wonderful. I like the way you say that every bit of land is an archive; and that the tree is within me and I am within the tree (A higher concept of oneness!)– Ananthan , Sydney.

I checked out your website with the Archives of the land, and Talking to trees. It is beautiful! I found it very inspiring, and felt the urge to paint!
I thought i can't go on holidays now, is have to paint!!!!
I really liked "here in this tree", almost like it is put to music. (Simon and Garfunkel could make a catchy tune out of it i am sure), But all the other poetry is really nice too.It made me visualize the light of the sun shimmering through the nice green leaves of the summer trees.That is good because it is still cold here and the trees are without leaves.

The daffodils have only just stuck out their tiny cold noses out of the soil and await warmer times ….
– Paulien, Netherlands

Thank you very much for sending me your exhibition it is really inspiring!! And the whole page is so well done. the children and their boots look great! I will pass it around to friends if this is OK with you.
– Velda, Townsville.

"Pleasing to the eye. quite impressive and should be quite popular in Baha'i internet circles and other places as well here in Australia and overseas."  – Ron, Tasmania.  "Lovely works!!! It brought what was missing to my lonely day"
– Farid, Sydney.

"It looks like you are enjoying your new environment and finding time to be creative in it. "
– Karen, Brisbane.

I've taken a quick look at the exhibition on the blog and love the gumboots, etc. Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on the ……. website on the 'Toplinks' page" I also have some friends who I know would love to see it. – Sharon, New South Wales

These are beautiful collages, highly evocative. They sing.

beautiful echo-y images. I love the effect of combining images. Like our snippeted childhood memories. A scent of a wattle tree mixed with waiting for my older sister to come home from school. A cold slate tile underfoot and rubbing fingers along the ridges of my corduroy trousers. These photos remind me there never one memory not linked to another. Thanks  – QCAN Member

The Archives in the Land can be found in the sidebar RSS feeds, go visit and leave your comments if you wish.  Thanks (:

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