Path of the Feather

path of the feather Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz.

The Path of the Feather as a teaching, is about becoming a contemporary shaman by seeing and hearing the voices of the living earth. It is about finding out who you are by making medicine wheels and listening to the voices of the spirit animals and ancient ones.   It is about you living your ordinary life as your vision quest, as your shamanic journey. It is about you becoming one who sees and one who heals the earth with intent.


Stories of Feathers are so interesting. I find so much in the spiritual and traditional stories of nations to inspire pictures, art and ways of finding a balance in daily life. We may have many pathways to our spirituality but the vision quest is perhaps something many of us can relate to as we strive to find meaning in daily life.

My grandfather was a medicine man in PNG and I think because of him I find it important to look at some Indigenous spiritual teachings and see what stories convey them and what purpose they have served and serve for the people who follow them.

I will return to this topic again but its enough to acknowledge it is there in my Pearlzdreaming…

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