Quilting with spirituality

She captures something spiritual; what she does is more than a collage, more than a tapestry, more than a quilt; she goes way beyond the bounds of any decorative sewing craft or textile artwork    

Jim Styan







 (c) Margo Styan – Image of a quilt – Title Marriage Fortress

Margo Styan is a quilter,  Canadian, a dedicated mother, and an inspired artist who is a Baha’i.  Like many artists she has chosen to set up shop on the internet so she can reach out to other quilters, and to people who love to hang inspirational art on their walls.  I only know Margo through her delightful quilt slide shows,  her artist’s statement and the words of her partner.   


(c) Margo Styan – image of photo on fabric with quote.  Title: Unity

Margo states:

There is a great need for peace and tranquility in the world today. Every living being can testify to this. We must stop, look, listen, and meditate upon all the wondrous things that the Creator has provided for our well being and growth. My art is intended to help those who stop for a while to look and then listen to their own inner beatings of their heart which urges them to meditate and discover truth for themselves and help them “grow and develop and appear in the utmost beauty”. I believe we all have a gift that needs to be discovered and offered to this existence, and thus peace and tranquility can be found.

Her work is featured at a website which details how to contact her and order pieces.  She is also keen to inspire others to take to quiliting inspired by their spirituality.


Margo Styan’s art

Click here to go to slide Show


Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Quilting with spirituality

  1. YOUR site is divine! Thank YOU for it and your giving o p e n heart and soul!
    I write poetry and I found your illuminated light -UNITY- quilt picture. I would love to use it in a poem I want to start, your name will be near the poem/pict.
    Please! let me know if you can.
    Thank YOU, May love, light and Wisdom of Jesus guide you daily!
    WE all need to feel his powerful guidance!

    Warm hugs and Light, Warrior Purple Lady Sheee

    I write all genre’s of Poetry at http://www.Authorsden.com/PoetryLady24 If you like to read poetry. I write simple blunt poetry, as my muse guides me.
    LOOK for inspiration through your day!
    STay Positive and Blessed!


  2. The image is from Margo Styan, please go to her site and leave a message for her. It is in the links at the end of the post. You will need to ask her directly.

    Glad you liked the site and all the best with your poetry and thanks for your positive thoughts.


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