Fishytopia- A Play by Max and Julidali


Scene 1.Tim the turtle: I wish I had a friend.  Hey YOU!  Whale.  Be my friend or else!
Wayne the whale:  I wouldn’t be the friend of someone who talkedto me like that.

Tim the turtle: Well there’s plenty of other fish in the sea you know.  (Swims off)
Wayne the whale: A lot you know I’m not a fish I’m a whale. Hi Sally Seahorse, guess what just happened to me.

Sally the sea horse enters:  Hi Wayne Whale, what happened to you?
Wayne the whale: A little turtle just swam up to me and spoke very rudely to me.

Sally the sea horse:  That’s terrible!  What did he say?

Wayne the whale:  He demanded that I be his friend OR ELSE!

Sally the sea horse:  That’s rude.  I wouldn’t want to be the friend of someone who spoke to me like that. 
Wayne the whale:  Yes that’s what I thought. 



Tim the turtle:  Hey you!  Fish!  Be my friend or else!

Fred the fish:  Please stop speaking rudely to me Tim the turtle:  Fine then don’t be my friend. (swims off)George the fish enters:  Hi Fred water’s lovely this morning isn’t it?

Fred the fish:  Hi George, yes it is, but I am not sure I like some of those swimming in it.

George the fish:  Why what happened?

Sally the seahorse enters

Fred the fish: I just had a turtle speak really rudely to me.

Sally the sea horse:  Really?  What did he say?

Fred the fish:  He said “Hey you fish!  Be my friend OR ELSE!”

Sally the sea horse: 
Wayne the Whale just talked about a turtle who said exactly the same thing.  I wonder if it’s the same turtle.

Fred the fish: Probably.  I wouldn’t be his friend though, he’s too rude.

Wayne the whale enters:  He must be the same turtle;I wouldn’t be his friend either he is far too rude.

George the fish:  But hang on guys, you know that turtles never see their mum and dad after they hatch.  Maybe he’s never had a friend before and he’s never been taught how to make friends.

Others: Yeah, maybe you’re right George. 

Scene 3.

Tim the turtle (To all the others): Hey you guys be my friends or else!

George the fishTo the others:  He IS rude. 

To Tim:  What’s your name turtle?

Tim the turtle:  Tim, I’m a turtle, I‘m Tim the turtle and I’m looking from some friends, I’ve never had any before.
Wayne the whale:  And you’ll never get any with the way you’re acting.

Tim the turtle: Why how should I act? 

Wayne the whale: Well, when you want someone to be your friend, you have to be their friend first.  That means not being rude to them and demanding that they be your friend.

Tim the turtle:  Sorry, I didn’t know.  I thought I could just give some one a choice they could be my friend or else they could not be my friend.

Fred the fish:  Oh!  Is that what you meant by “Or else”.  That’s pretty funny.

Sally the seahorse:  Now that’s all cleared up, I’m Sally the seahorse, He’s Fred the fish, he’s George the fish, and he’s
Wayne the whale.

Tim the turtle: I’m very pleased to meet you all.  Would you like me to teach you how to scratch barnacles off your shell?

Others: Yeah why not?

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