The Human Spirit

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The human spirit may be likened to the bounty of the sun shining on a mirror. The body of man, which is composed from the elements, is combined and mingled in the most perfect form; it is the most solid construction, the noblest combination, the most perfect existence. It grows and develops through the animal spirit. This perfected body can be compared to a mirror, and the human spirit to the sun. Nevertheless, if the mirror breaks, the bounty of the sun continues; and if the mirror is destroyed or ceases to exist, no harm will happen to the bounty of the sun, which is everlasting. This spirit has the power of discovery; it encompasses all things.

For the Rest of this Talk go to Some Answered Questions by ‘Abdul-Baha.  

Yesterday I was watching a show about a contemporary Indian retracing the steps of Ghandi to see just how much of Ghandi’s vision for India had really been fulfilled. He found the spirit of Ghandi in people who did not profess it but who lived that life.  He was also saddened to find much of it had not yet been fulfilled.  That is what being ahead of your time means I think.

Sometimes on days when the children I am working with become very grumpy with each other I go home and think  even more deeply about how we can guide them more effectively to putting aside the ego and the self to find the power of their human spirit.

We all need reminders, not just children though.   The most effective action though is to exemplify what you want them to be.  I like stories too.  I feel like a storehouse of them means that we share with them the joy of the human spirit, and its ability to transform without directly confronting the issue but taking a from the side approach. 

However on those days where some things are a bigger challenge than others there are bright lights!  I think today was the hardest Bahai class all year.  Yet it was more a feeling that some of the children (and it really wasn’t all of them) were tired and not with us and were getting a bid edgy.  Maybe we need to concentrate more on inner peace in the next couple of weeks as part of our program.  I think next week I will really honour those children showing kindness to each other (:  We miss our teaching assistant, her husband is not well.  The children all signed a card for me to give to him. 

That man following in the footsteps of Ghandi mentioned that it was often the ones doing lots of small and effective things to help others who had the biggest impact.  When taking scripture classes I remind myself that is what we are all engaged in as teachers.  We are trying to transform our world to be more loving and unified through encouraging children and youth in all of these attributes. I like to also think about the life of ‘Abdu-l-Baha.

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