One week of Nanowrimo


Nanowrimo generates a lot of positive messaging between people supporting each other through it. I have been doing status statement updates, and realise I’ve been keeping a diary really of the whole experience, must be my education and documenting impulse coming out. I’ve always been one to keep diaries. Some might say ‘June you are taking away from your word count,’ but I think this contact is actually helping my word count. It’s like reading helps too, inspiring me and others to design the next character, the next habitat and weave in mythologies. Walking is also inspiring, because I draw on my environment to help me create things.

Some of these messages were sent to the SFC novel writing group. Imagine my surprise when 10 soul foodies all decided to undertake nanowrimo, many of us for the FIRST time. Lori decided to set up a group for us on yahoo to encourage each other, and share tips about writing. THANKS Lori.

I’ve edited out some of the personal messages and replies to me but there have been many encouraging comments and I have two READERS for my emerging novel ( my daughter and best friend Paulien). The great thing about having two readers is that they are urging me on for the next chapter, I stay in front of them by a couple of chapters. Paulien has really made my day by saying she loved it so much she is doing art inspired by it! What a gem! As for my novel, I don’t want to say too much about it. You can have some hints from reading my status statements and I hope one day its coming to a shelf near you! I’m allowed to dream, cause at least I am dreaming and WRITING not procrastinating! If you want to know more about the progress of the novel let me know (:I’m keeping it a little under wraps.

Day 1

Its 7.40 just wrote my first 240 words and now going to have breakfast.
All the best to all of you for the day.

Its rainy here, and I heard doves early in the morning. I am looking out my
window to a cane field growing again and rain droplets on the screen.


End of Day 1

Its 7.20 pm doing one more writing session tonight, starting to enjoy the
characters, in the middle of a scene may get to the end of it or leave it mid
scene to dream the rest tonight…, will do a bit more before sleep — on a
dinner break.

All the best to you ! Will check in again in the morning. I have prompts all
over my desk… and a teddy bear with a red scarf with a H on it to give a hug
to now and then….

Day 1 Facebook Statements
240 words in — time to have breakfast….

June Perkins 862 words — almost half way for todays quota–

944 words — now to clean the kitchen the joys of nano with family committments….

June Perkins 1095 words — not quite there for the day –dinner time and some food for thought…

yay 1762 words funny though the characters are dreaming or is the author dreaming for the characters…..

Day 2

hey thanks for those good wishes, i want that bracelet too… but i do have my
teddy bear with h

h for humble, happy, horatio … the writing bear mascot.

yes i ‘ve been constantly distracted too but its still shaping up.About to go
write some more, just had a driving lesson — i am going for my ps in december
long story, another day eh.

Goodluck everyone thinking of you all write, write, even in patches, in
stretches, and yes dont do too much editing let it flow…..

writing power to all [my son made a delicious choccy cake, i think i may have a
piece to start me off today…. ]


Check in End of Day 2

wow you are all doing so well, all i can say is press onwards- i am doing mine
in spurts of 800 words, have a break, read something, check the bookcase, look
through wisdom cards, etc. the wisdom cards have awesome pics on them that
inspire me. I’m trying to reach 1700 words everyday if I can, anything more is a

—also helps with ergonomics… i had a lovely time today writing and tried
not to censor anything too much but let the story keep developing ergonomically.

tomorrow i think i’ll put some music on that’s always a help too.


Day 2 Facebook Statements
June Perkins 3423 words — praying to the muse of novels to keep going…

Beginning Day 3

what day 3 already, snuck in 100 words before i sent the kids to school, then
had to prepare for a class and meeting, snuck in another 50 words.

now i see all these inspiring emails and Heather stand there with staminade…

thanks Lori for setting this up too !!! you all rock….!!!!

will pop in this evening again to see how all is going, gotta write before the
kids get home.

Yes i had back problems yesterday so trying to make sure i do some shoulder
rolls as well..

music… time to put some on!!!


End of Day 3
Awesome full moon, fruit bats flying past…. a walk
invention of creatures for my world, research on succulent plants and fun making
up names…

5222 words in total…. i have to laugh my characters seem to go to sleep like
me each day and wake up in my morning….

enjoyed reading some soul food prompts, looking for inspiration everywhere, and
keeping word notes within my word counts to remind me that i can draw from
anything and everything, did some reading about key themes in my story…

onward all… [noticed my lawn was green today after being dry]

how about this Shocked won followed by Crime Scene (horses in the Melbourne

Day 3 Facebook Statements

5222 words today and its developing layering and there are some mysteries and antagonists….

sorry total 5222 altogether reached my quota again… funnily my characters keep going to sleep when i do…

no aliens, but who knows what happens, there is invented wildlife and an interesting cast of characters.

yes 3 subplots

June Perkins
500 words…. and now time to think for a bit….

June Perkins
total count 4700 so far…

Day 4

yahee just passed the 6000 words mark, now heading into the longest story I have
ever written territory…

Just sharing the opening from a few days ago — i hope you are all having the
best day, it’s only 10 am here and I have all day free to write!!! I am enjoying
reading your updates.

The opening…

‘It was the first white coffin of the drought. The mother, of the young man
within, beat it frantically with the palm frond leaves. She wailed in a long
high pitched peal.
How can anyone know what it feels like to lose a child until they have been
through it – Indera Bayu pondered. She had lost her daughter many years ago now
but still it felt as recent as the breath she had made the second before.
Yet, losing the rainy season for three seasons running had been like the town
losing its own child. The town was so used to rain falling for those four
months of the year and replenishing the supplies that they had not made
provision for a dry spell. Now the paddocks outside their home were one great
big dustbowl.’ (c) June Perkins 2009


Day 4, Facebook Statements

a whole day to write, putting the hotpot on for dinner for everyone tonight and then straight into it – saw fruit bats and an awesome moon with cloud glove holding it last night… no no camera in sight…

6098 total…. and its only 9.47 am i think the story is beginning to have a life of its own….

6098 total…. and its only 9.47 am i think the story is beginning to have a life of its own….

characters stranded up a tree with a heartcodile after them better go have lunch and work out how they get out of this one!!
Day 5 Earlier in Day

I am 7,300 words now but had to stop 1.2 way through
yesterday with a headache– i went for a long walk last night and had a bit of a
rest, its like pacing yourself in a race isnt it.

Anyway back to it later today off for a driving lesson this morning.
I am enjoying the way the characters develop organically, a tip in nano wrimo
was not to change anything once its down but to highlight it if you want to
trash it later to keep up your word count.

I have been going back and filling characters in a bit more and making it
consistent, by reading from the start each day – that’s been a big help and adds
words as well, but at the same time it keeps moving forwards.

Opting for fruit and water ahead of coffee (which i gave up 4 months ago) and
cake (which is not so good on the weight).The fridge is full of watermelon which
is delicious.

GOODLUCK everyone heading into the weekend soon —


hot pot simmering up to 7070 words in total sun is out!

Day 5

Well just got a tiny bit excited as I just passed 9000 words and the day is not over yet….

Hope you are all doing well — i love google!!! You just think yeah need to know more about… and if its not on the bookcase you can probably google it.

also finding soul food prompts and everything else on my desk a help.

It is good having a few sets of characters as I can switch from group to group when running out of steam on another….


Day 6

I have found that writing is much more physical than I realised, tendonitis in
arms and yes like some others a sore back… so I am taking myself off for a
walk, and yes trying to eat healthy

– had a cracker headache last night, pillow was wrong on bed… thought oh no i
wont be able to write, but managed to kick it.

watermelon, fluids, etc. I am very blessed at the moment, to be doing all my
work from home as writing and so I don’t have to rush off and do too much else,
but I have waited a long time for this so its a real joy–.

My dear husband is trying to work on it too, with work and all, and is doing his

i dont think it matters how much you write — i just try and get to 1700 per day
and see anything else as a bonus.

Please all have a good day, and I am sending you lots of positive thoughts,
including dear ……… You will write what you need to in the month and have
something substantial to develop.

Day 6

Pressure is an interesting thing, for some it causes vacillation and for others
more activity and striving, however you use pressure ensure it becomes a
positive for you and not a negative.

I love reading all your word counts, because I think of you finding time to
create what you want to, and however close or far from the goal, it will be
closer than with no pressure from the project at all.

For too long I have been living without pressure of deadlines, since finishing a
doctorate, but I am finding its actually fun to have just a little bit of

Anyway when it all becomes too much I am heading for a nice cool lemon and lime
water,a slab of watermelon and a walk out to see the kookaburras.

Good luck to you all.


A letter to Soul Fooders. Day 6

Well a lot of us are finding just how important the staminade is
when we are doing writing stints with a word count focus…
everyone is doing so well, with most achieving between 5000-20,000 words per
soul foodie.

There are sore backs, headaches, stop starts, interruptions,late night writing
sessions, early morning sessions, but the task goes on — sounds like we are on
bit of a quest.

Some of us are finding characters have a mind of their own, and just appear, and
direct their own fate…others are writing several openings and may have several
books opening up & yes google is a treasure, soul food prompts are a treasure
and all your positive energy is as well.

Keep thinking of us… we are all doing our best- someone will be in no doubt to
give you another update for us.


Day 7 Facebook Statements
another day begins how are all the nanowrimos…

time to draw a map to navigate an invented world…

Excitement just passed 10,000 now on 10, 500 words in total….

computer headache going for a break so i can write again..
13670 words …. more interesting plot developments – who can you trust, a dragon is made a promise, and why oh why three puppets and a succulent plant….

Day 7

One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without
courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind,
true, merciful, generous, or honest.
– Maya Angelou

My parents told me that I could do and be anything I really wanted. I believed
– Molly McDonald

The hero is no braver than the ordinary [wo]man, but [s]he is brave five minutes
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

what a great first week. I am so proud of us all.

My characters are all developing
intricate past histories with each other, building to present day tensions, and
I have to do a map to work out where they are going as I need to know where
everything is in this invented world… inventing some animals and i am sure
some plants soon…

Day 8 Facebook Status Statement

last night it rained and I was dreaming about the next part of my story…a frog puppet dancing and singing (no not kermit!) a grieving father and people hiding in the desert..and more cultures for the world i’m putting together in the novel…

Currently on 15,600 words

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved….

Thanks to all those who have been supportive, Gemma, Kerry, Jane, Despina, Paulien, Sheridan, David, Carmel, Lori, Jane, Jo, Sally, Cle, Vi, Heather, and heaps of the other Soul Foodies. … You make me laugh, keep going and inspire me !! All of you who are novelling this month I wish you all the best, and KEEP IT UP!!!

6 thoughts on “One week of Nanowrimo

  1. This is my first year of nanowrimo and what a treasure it is to find all you soul foodies trudging along with your own growing word counts! Write on!


  2. This is simply a wonderful idea, June. Please know that you do everything for me that you listed as we have done for you!


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