End of Nanowimo


Hooray I did it!  I got to the goal, and I am half way through my first Fantasy novel.    I am so happy!  Four Soul Fooders have so far made the goal and become winners of the challenge.

Time to reflect— I have created a world, invented creatures, a cast of characters, some problems and mastered the art of cliffhanger – I hope.

I have two nanoreaders, one who has kept up with reading and egging me on, and another wanting me to write substantial amounts so she won’t have to wait for plot developments.  Nanoreaders have to patient, they are not reading edited material.  Sometimes they notice slip ups, but to encourage the nanowriter they say everything they enjoy and know it will be edited- they might make a note somewhere to help the writer out.

Nanowriters love their weekly peptalk emails! They are funny, to the point, and full of handy hints that really mean something as they are from people who have been through nanowrimo.

I have missed some of the ways I use my time, but I realise maybe I could do a little less of blogging, and photo uploading and facebook and spend more time creating stories.

Someone said I wrote a mininovel of my nanowrimo experience on facebook, but actually really I just twittered it there.   I counted down the words, reflected on what I was doing, and even found inspiration.  See facebook need not be a time eater.

I feel like I really can call myself a writer, why – because I write everyday, and something bigger than me is in the works.  Ah the responsibility.  I wrote a reunion scene today and was so happy for my characters.  I am wondering what has happened to the days I didn’t write.  They seem so very distant, and I can’t imagine a day without it.  Anything you do for a month can become a habit.


More important than the word goal

– learning to write everyday no matter what
– learning to listen to a character
– looking for threads
– trusting the story will unfold
– soul food solace
– mythology is wonderful
– names can be magical
– invent, invent, invent….

Hmm now I might take that and apply it to my exercise, diet regimen I keep putting off (:   Nanodiet, nanoexercise… 30 days ….. nanokindness….. you get the idea.

Over and out.  I’ll be back to blog, but maybe not as much.  I am still writing my novel and characters  and situations call!

(c) All rights reserved, June Perkins

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