This is Queensland

this is queensland

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So it’s cloudy, the cane is growing again, and the wet season has finally begun.  This is the Queensland I have come to know.

The other part of Queensland is how generous some people are, with their time, and friendship. These last 5 weeks I have had a driving mentor who has given my confidence that one day soon I will indeed be able to drive a car. She has helped make me more confident on the road, and willing to take the risk to master the skills required.

Every time we do something kind for others they are so quick to repay that kindness. They seem like such little things we do for others, and yet it’s really appreciated, but we don’t do these things for any rewards.

This year I have made it into the clothes rounds. Now you really now you are in a town when you make the clothes rounds. Bags of clothes have appeared for all my children, shoes, shirts, you name it. Of course I also give clothes around but more is coming in then going out. I am astounded. It’s like people keep their clothes to find them a good home. Everything is so much better than the state you find it in local second hands stores.

My favourite part of my town has to be the beach and the local library. There are so many carvings, books and librarians who find books you love to show to you when you go in there.

Story time December 15th, hmm that has to be something we’ll put on our calendar. With the kids at school I rarely make storytime anymore, except once this year as a guest reader. Librarians turn into Queens and Princesses, can’t wait to see what they are doing for Christmas.

Everytime the part of Queensland that some people warned me about – the prejudiced side, the country bumpkin side, comes forward there are champions of justice, freedom and the truly human way. I am grateful to have met so many of the kind people of Queensland.

(c) June Perkins

4 thoughts on “This is Queensland

  1. How wonderful your community sounds .. I love the clothes round idea – the only option here really is to give them to the charity shops or the Salvation Army – both of which are fine, oh but what a fabulous way to build and bind a real community.


  2. Yes, I love the clothes rounds, we had them happening as kids, and you always know you are ‘in’ the community when you make the clothes rounds. I don’t know if other cultures do it too, or if its an Aussie thing, I suspect they must.


  3. I didn’t get my license until I was 34, June. I found the lessons quite stressful, but I was a good student. That was 30 years ago and I’ve only ever lost 1 point and that was for being car #4 in five car pile-up, that was not my fault and I couldn’t avoid. Apparently you get penalised for just being there 🙂
    Our family and friends all do the clothes round thing too,
    especially when they are little as they have grown out of things before they get any wear.


  4. thanks for sharing that (: i am so close to getting my license so it helps to hear stories like that, except for the car pile up, but like you said sometimes you cant do much when other cars knock into you.


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