My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden would have a waterfall

to sing me to dreams

waking into the green riddles of life

My Secret Garden would have kauri pines that hold eagles

that sing in the afternoon and fly away to catch

the bush rats in the cane

It would have roses that can grow in the tropics

and love the rain and feel at home with the hibiscus and the gingers

and geckos and green tree frogs

In my Secret Garden we could all hide in the trees

breathing and seeking

our connection to the earth.

Β© June Perkins all rights reserved, Words and Images.

13 thoughts on “My Secret Garden

  1. Now that’s a beautiful garden you’ve put together. Mine would definitely include a waterfall, too. Visited with family yesterday who have, not one, but two waterfalls nearby which you can hear. It was very soothing.


  2. Thanks All, I do love my secret garden, I think I carry around in my head all the beauty of the places we have ever lived, but this one has to be one of the greenest!


  3. How beautiful! Your secret garden is very similar to mine. We are actually going to build a waterfall in our back yard…someday! Great photos and prose…as always!


  4. we have a very sick looking pond, that’s why we need to get rid of toads, although they do provide lovely counterpoint to the frog song…


  5. Oh, I want to hide in the trees. How wonderful that would be! I can visualize myself there right now with a journal to write in absorbing all the wisdom of the trees.


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