Affirmations: Dreaming in the Cane


Today I call myself an artist.
I protect the copyrights of my work.
I will keep forging ahead with my creative spirit,
Seeking to invent, innovate, dream, reinvent, and make
I will trust who I am and want to be.
I will reach out in a spirit of collaboration to those I trust.
I will be confident to understand and then break the frames.
I will look for opportunity and know myself as I go forward and what I want to say with my work.
I will keep developing life long, the journey is never over.
I will look for spaces outside any box that confines.

I have just had the most brilliant time in a webinar through the Fellowship of Australian Agricultural Women which my friend Lydia Valeriano, another pal from the writing group, told me about. Professor Nell Arnold is working with us, inspiring and mentoring, and assisting us to break the frames, and extend ourselves within and without.

I do love the solitude of our space, between the cane and the rainforest, but sometimes it is like a breath of fresh air to have new thoughts expressed, and responses to your work from someone you do not know. Well did not know.

It has been so affirming to hear the role of the artist affirmed, placed into historical/ herstorical perspective and to see our communicative role valued and to know that we can push ourselves further, and yet stand true in what we believe in. I said to friends on facebook today I have gone into creative hyperdrive and the possibilities are so limitless.

If you get a chance where-ever you to participate in this webinar please do.

Arts the Competition with Self. For more information go to There is still time to enrol! You won’t regret it!

By the way some of my posts on this site and my other sites will be being closed, and passworded, small samples may still be accessible but I have realised a greater need to protect this work, and share it in an environment where I can continue to practice my art through renumeration, which doesn’t really happen with my blog workspace. I will be going through the same process with my photographs. I was so eager to share, speak out, share my voice that I didn’t perhaps give this as much consideration as I should.  I am not paranoid, but I know I need to realise you really can’t trust cyberspace, it is a place of monsters and angels.

I will still blog of course, but it may end up being an invitation only blog at some stage. Thanks to all the creatives within my contacts will totally understand my position and support it I know, we all grapple with the best way to make use of the internet. Perhaps it is through more webinars ? More networking that leads to real outcomes for us all as artists, and not just being a voice calling out in the wilderness of blogs and plethora of online communities.

What I appreciate most about blogs, and all these spaces where I have worked, has been the development of real contacts amongst artists/writers who practice the art of daily writing, and want to extend their work and develop it. I have real respect for those who share their art, and push onwards ever hopeful, affirming, and communicating.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

11 thoughts on “Affirmations: Dreaming in the Cane

  1. oh bravo! you truly are an inspiration – I have so enjoyed reading your words, seeing your pictures – thank you for all you have shared so far. I totally understand your need to protect your work – cyberspace is a wonderful space and there are many great vehicles within it that offer real support and encouragement, the opposite, of course, is as true and real – those who would appropriate work not theirs for their own ends etc.
    I wish you every continued success June – it is so well deserved 🙂


  2. I think it will be more like the Hearth, a space to create and make and know who is actually reading and viewing the work.


  3. I understand your need to protect your work. I don’t want to privatize my blog but I take some steps, especially with my pictures, like using low-resolution pictures only (So that they can’t be enlarged and used else where.)

    I look forward to your posts, passworded or not. 🙂


  4. Oh yes, the internet is indeed a dangerous place. It is too bad that such a wonderful medium cannot be protected against those whose motives are less than honorable.

    I will miss seeing your photographs and reading your poems. They are so inspiring. I will look forward though to anything you decide to post as well as your emails. Your creative ability is really something of which you can be proud. It is a pleasure to know you.



  5. June,
    You are and have been such an inspiration to me! Seeing all that you have done has pushed me to find the courage to try different modes of creative expression.

    I appreciate that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your work. I, too, have give much thought to the best way to protect my work. I think this is of the utmost importance to any and all of us using blogs to share our work.

    I wish you all the best, June. I have thoroughly enjoyed EVERYTHING that you have shared. Ms. Gigi will certainly miss Speck and I’ll miss you! Go forth, my friend, and do what you do best!

    Loving Hugs,



  6. Thanks all, don’t worry Sally I will certainly stay in touch with you, and send you an invite to any of my blogs, I respect any bloggers decision to remain public, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to know you- all.

    Vi I do enjoy sharing work, just planning out of the incubation of less public blogging that some books that people can purchase will result, for those who like watching the process and are a real inspiration to me of course I wil be in touch with them, but I don’t have the need to have it all on my public blog.

    I began blogging out of isolation and that part of it has been great and I have a list of people here, flickr and other places that I will certainly keep track of, but the space is so vaste I have no need to collect large numbers of links for my blog roll, just something more real.

    One of my writer friends blogs all she is grateful for, and news of what she is up to. I will come up with something.


  7. Alex good idea about the low resolution, I will be finding out more about protecting images and will let you know if I find anything that will be helpful to us all, at the Hearth (:


  8. I love this affirmation: I will look for spaces outside any box that confines.
    YES! Let’s keep opening all those boxes and find the space that encompasses.


  9. I really do love reading your blog Kathy, it is a model blog in terms of the kind of comments and the way you weave everyday and your thinking and just keep going every day.

    Do stay in touch. I’ll invite you to my private blogs (ie just I know all the bloggers in there) too.


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