Blog hopping & back home at Pearlz Dreaming visiting

leaf texture3 reflection
(c) June Perkins, Passion Leaf all rights reserved

I will be working the above passion fruit image into something creative – look out for it sometime on my other blog.

So I am over at my other blog,  Unity’s Garden I have been posting some of my old posts from here, sharing my photographs and inspirations and generally making a new nest, but there is so much in this old space- and its so homely I’ve had to pop back.

It seems so quiet at my other blog still, and it’s even sad not to be lost in the blogging world having fun yarning on about the day, but these days I tend to do that in short bursts in my facebook statements and am putting a lot of energy into my other writing projects, but there is something about blogging those days that always pulls me back in.  It’s comforting to know you have a homebase to return to.  So here I am back at Pearlz Dreaming, telling you where my new home is, but also blogging about life in general.

So today in my facebook statements I wrote:

singing, raining, sleeping kids, cut away cane, things to post by snail mail and garlic bread for breakfast

family playing rain mud footy, rain ain’t gonna stop their fun……..

We have learnt that rain arrives a lot in the tropics!  We embrace it and don’t give up on our outside fun.  Of course this is not always easy as you can end up with massive down pours and people in canoes paddling down the street when it floods.

I appreciated our rain so much when travelling in Tasmania last summer.  It was recovering from a drought and I realised just how lucky we were to have access to such a large amount of rain.  Does it surprise you to know that rain is a constant motif in my writing, probably not?  Which makes me think how important for me to spread my wings and travel more so more motifs can enter into my writing, and extend the themes.

That said, writing of local themes can often reach globally.  I shared a poem with an accomplished poet in America, Melanie Simms and was touched by her response to it.   It made me realise that there are many experiences that people half a globe away can share, such as the knowledge of sugar cane country.  I am looking forward to reading Melanie’s book, Waking the Muse.

I have been busily emailing more of my contacts and commenting less on blogs.  I file all those beautiful emails in my inbox for each person that I correspond with a lot.  I think of what will happen to future writer’s correspondence and how it will be accessed, and all of our on line comments, and yahoo discussions.  How will people mine all these places to understand the contemporary writer’s world?

There is so much to look forward in creative life, as my novel is starting to come to me in dreams again, I am almost ready to begin the rewrite – will keep you posted.  I’ve begun making more 2d presentations of poetry (poetry with image), and will move into 3d soon (adding sound).  A new song happened last week from a poem too, and I would like to jam some of them with musicians and see what happens to them. I am also keenly developing my photography and looking for opportunities to combine it, theatre and poetry together.   I am greatly encouraged by more opportunities coming my way and people liking some of the work I am putting out there, thankyou, you all know you are for your encouragement.  I treasure your comments!  They are sincere and not just throw away statements and I will always remember them.

Another really exciting thing is that my son has gained a penpal, another Baha’i child in America. They are snail mail corresponding – this has all come out of blogging and facebooking and their mum’s becoming friends.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Blog hopping & back home at Pearlz Dreaming visiting

  1. I love your leaf image…it tells a story with its aloneness and the slender branch it clings to for life. The curly stem that points to the leaf not only adds to the image, it forecasts changes to come…as when the leaf releases its hold and flutters gently to the ground.

    Your ability to take the simplest of objects and turn them into powerful creations is phenomenal. Your pieces, June, make this reader/viewer think and grasp for the creativity that is deeply embedded, perhaps in my soul.



  2. Thanks Vi, as always for your thoughtful comments, I am helping with a tropical writing game, you might want to visit – I’ll let everyone know about it – it’s to encourage people going to a writing festival to have a blog story game for fun. Comments in the visitors book would be appreciated. We had our first contributor enter tonight, hooray –

    Yes, I love this leaf, I have some more pictures where there are things happening with the background window and the netting on the window reminded me of when you learn to draw in graph squares – it was an interesting effect. I am longing to go out to take more photos but its so dismal rain – but soon it will clear I hope, longing to see some old buildings like a church in the cane, and what it looks like at sunset…. and thinking it would be good to photograph a fair or the show or something…. to capture some more of rural life and get people’s permission to photograph document for an exhibition- must learn more about how you do that, afterall I am not from the newspaper.


  3. I love your creative focus. OK, and your spiritual focus too! Nice to see you back here for a moment. By the way, what is “cut away cane”?


  4. I just liked it as a phrase to say it was where the can was cut and the ground was left bare, not sure if its right technically, but its my poetic brain at work.

    I am involved in learning about short film making, big learning curve………….woah! loving it, will blog on it too I think.


  5. (: I’ll keep this space open for a while Tammy, there’s just so much history here, but the new site will gradually come to the fore. I have to work out what to do with all my lesson plans and resource materials as I have several people that use them – I may just create another blog specifically for them or a scribd docment — I have just been in this space so long it is a bigger job to move than I realised.


  6. Hi Pearlz.
    You are making beautiful images and collages, and I´ll like to keep following your work. Which blog will be your main blog for this content, will it be this one?


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