Camera Eyes – life with and without the camera

Brahminy Kite, By June Perkins, all rights reserved.

So I was reading today that one should plan blogs ahead of time so that one never runs out things to blog on. Good old Copyblogger straight to my inbox, with all the handy tips on improving one’s standing in the blogosphere.  I thought about the whole issue of pre blog planning and wondered why don’t I EVEN HAVE TIME TO PLAN at the moment.

Then to relax I just considered that whenever I am stressed I just take a photograph of something I love and learn a new technique with my camera.  I feel strange when I go somewhere without my camera, like my eyes are missing or something! Why? I am so used to snapping something that intrigues me and my love of photography has changed me.

The other day I went somewhere without my camera.  I took snapshots with my camera eye- firstly of a massive rainbow crossing the back country road we were driving into town past and then of the reflections in pools of rain water, which themselves were riddled with mill mud stench.

I thought about all the things I don’t photograph, like complete strangers in the street, traffic lights, (well unless they are part of a street scene with a mountain at the back), events where other people are documenting it and you aren’t allowed to.  I read an article on how spontaneous photography is dying due to privacy protection.  You can’t take photos of people randomly out in public without consent anymore, at least in Australia.

This month is crazy busy for me.  I don’t even want to think about it.  I do love what is about to happen though- a beautiful anthology, a launch a play, and meetings with lots of writers from around the region, and maybe even meeting a few closet bloggers!!!

Last night I made loads of postcards to promote my blog.  It was fun!  I realised that I love to blog regularly and sometimes don’t but that there is so much to treasure in all my blogs.  I love the conversations I have with people under posts, the memories, being able to remember things because I am documenting my life and times!

There are some blogs I really love reading.  I must blog on them!  There is something special in the composition of the writers who give snapshots of themselves and their thoughts, and who pose interesting life questions.  I wonder whether I will meet them in this earthly space ever, it is of no matter, because our blogging minds meet!

Strange and liberating to think how the blogosphere brings together so many minds!

To end this blog – here is a pic of that kite again.  It’s not the best but it is enjoyable to use the camera like a telescope and have a view of a bird that we can’t see that clearly.  I will always remember the kites in the kauri pines at the back of our house, not to mention the kauri pine themselves.  I love birds!  On facebook the other day one of my artist friends helped me identity heaps of them.  I am so grateful to know people who take the time to share their knowledge.   Who knows maybe I’ll end up going on bird watching expeditions!

eagle 2all rights reserved June Perkins, novice photo of brahminy kite… hoping to improve!!

6 thoughts on “Camera Eyes – life with and without the camera

  1. I don’t plan my posts either. I like my posts to be spontaneous and with at least a photo or two. I plan my posts as I go, when I have news or photos to share or I just feel like writing. 🙂


  2. Your images are breathtaking. WOW!

    I often have the feeling of being undressed and, after reading your piece, I realize that those moments are when I see something and don’t have my camera with me. I have missed so many good shots like that. Since my camera is a little too big to stuff into a pocket or a purse, I don’t take it everywhere with me. I think I’m going to have help our sluggish economy and invest in a good compact model so I never feel undressed again.


  3. Oh, I almost forgot. If you go on any birdwatching expeditions, remember to keep one eye on your next step. Don’t do like my friend did on her first bird walk. With eye eyes trained upward, she fell over something and into a bed of stinging nettles. 😦 She was one miserable human being for several days after that and I could never get her to go bird watching again.



  4. Will definitely watch out for the nettles Vi (: – yes Alexis I think there’s a place for spontaeneity in blogging, something about immediacy of writing the day to capture it and not too much preplanning.

    I love the idea of this is the blog to fill the space, when I sat down to think about and tomorrow back to spontaneous blogging- it sounds kind of like ad break blogging. Some information blogs do work on keeping going really regularly and they are actually resourced by a group of bloggers not just one! Guest blogging in someone elses space, and vis a versa I think would be a planned but spontaneous blogging. Today June’s friend is filling in on her day – watch out for the Guinea Pig Diaries I am thinking of doing a blog project with family!!


  5. What an interesting blog post. I love blogging too and enjoyed your insights into the process – and isn’t it always the way – the best photo opportunities always seem to happen when the camera is at home or the batteries are flat.


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