Red NG club of Cyclone Yasi

Snapped Kauri Pine near Feluga and our old home (c) June Perkins

We joined the red ng club.  NG means no go.  Your property is not safe for others to tarp or help remove stuff from.  However, we are getting everything out that we can. The red ng has meant we can’t get any help from organisations and must do the best we can.

It is a race against time as the ceilings  in two rooms are gonna go!  We have most of the important stuff out, photo albums, Baha’i books and diaries.

The school Principal has been brilliant, ringing David to see how he was yesterday, and David has had the teacher union, counsellors, and others listen to him.  She made sure a house was found for us and has been concerned for the well being of David and his family.  Some people really rise to the occassion.  We are both very impressed.

Some people, not organisational, have come and helped us remove things from the house and bought their utes, an awful lot we have do with car boot load, after car boot load.   We are on load five of boot loads today.  I conked out at load 3 and David and our eldest son continue.

The highlight of today was David telling me the eagles are back nesting in the remaining Kauri pine.  This really lifted my spirits.  It is giving its own definition of ng, not going- but staying.  On you eagles!

We’ve spent a few nights in our new home.  It is beginning to feel like home, because home truly is where your family is and you don’t need anything else to make it home.  I would be happy if the roof fell into tomorrow at our old house, just knowing we have our family around us and our friends.  It is good to know they are all safe.

I will be doing the hero roll call for our family soon.  But just one precious act was someone leaving fresh towels and sheets in case ours were damp on our door step at the new house.  We wouldn’t have been able to find any with so much soggy and water damaged, plus we were tired.  What angels!!! I don’t know who you are but this was so special for our family to have new dry sheets to call our own.

There is so much to say and reflect upon- the numbness of the last few days has well and truly lifted.  I go everywhere with my camera looking at the old, and the becoming, and the renewal.  It already begins!!!

Some sign posts that blew into our yard – look out for trains, what about look out for cyclones (c) June Perkins

Today we listened on the radio to the kids and teachers at Cardwell school.  ABC radio are doing a fabulous job.  They are out at Mission beach tomorrow morning.  Wonder if we will hear people we know on air, probably we will.

I will come back to the ten days of homelessness in another post, well I should say that is without our own home, but we were in three families homes, the longest being our stay at the Baker’s home.  Thankfully we knew kind people who offered to take us in.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved words and images.

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3 thoughts on “Red NG club of Cyclone Yasi

  1. I’ve been thinking of you and I can’t imagine living through what you are experiencing right now. But I know that we rise to it when there is no other choice. It sounds to me that you are doing alright. The main thing is that you have your loved ones safe around you. And bless those who are helping you with their kindness.



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