Healthy Environments

Green Tree Frog

So today a friend on facebook said that a green tree frog is a barometer of a healthy environment. ‘I love green tree frogs,’ said another whose profile picture was her face peering out from a tree frog cut out that you stand in at a zoo. Another commented how his wife paints them in watercolour. Whilst a fellow soul fooder said how much she missed ‘rain you can’t hear over.’ Green tree frogs are such a part of the tropical environments with their endless rain, and rainforest.

It’s amazing how these cute little frogs who appear to be smiling all the time bring such joy and such happy comments. I am delighted, or should I say tickled green, that we have them at our new house and it’s comforting to know they are around after the cyclone.

At the chemist they have been handing out boost your immune system tablets for free. Blackmores donated them in their support of the recovery efforts. A couple of weeks ago it was phone up on the morning to get into the doctors, or a long wait at the hospital and you needed to be practically dying. In such situations most of us choose to tough out our flus.

So today it seems fitting to reflect on healthy environments.

1) Where social, emotional and spiritual well being of each person are taken care of.

2) Where nature is healthy and its native creatures and plants are doing well.

3) Where people have time for appreciating beauty.

4) Where people have the capacity to have a deep happiness no matter what is happening around them.

5)Where the world, it’s people, and environments are healthy

So many lessons from our little green tree frog. They will forever remind me of all that is healthy whenever they smile and grip onto the wall.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved, word and image.

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

5 thoughts on “Healthy Environments

  1. Your little tree frog looks so happy. It is good to know they are in your environment now, after the storm. It’s amazing isn’t it, how much pleasure some of the littlest creatures can bring. May they forever be around.



  2. yes, they do make us smile – what a wonderful gift -am so pleased that they are around your new home . loving your recipe for healthy environments – something we are striving for here in our inner-city oasis. much love to you and your family and friends.


  3. I love frogs and the photo of yours is one I will look at whenever I have a bad day. That face makes me chuckle like crazy!


  4. Lovely to hear from you Sally and Jill, your thoughts are like the smiles from this frog, really nurturing and sustaining. Writing makes me feel healthy too – what are the healthy environments for writers – those that give them freedom to think, write, and experience, and tree frogs well they are all part of that. Glad to make you laugh Sally – saw one of these outside the toilet window the other night, they are everywhere!!!


  5. Oh and of course Vi, your regular visits and comments make me know the voices behind the readers of this blog…. mind you a lot of people choose to comment on the posts in facebook where the links are placed (:


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