Lost and Found


(c) image my daughter! in love with her birthday jelly beans in jelly

The last few weeks have had me forgetful.

Sometimes I wonder if it is some sort of trauma thing.

I have done things like forgotten where the car is parked

and I lost

two capos

two guitar cases

and my glasses.

It is just so frustrating.

I still can’t find all my files.

 I am sorting and sorting stuff

under our house

higgeldy piggeldy garage

with treasures and junk from our old house.

It is hard being amongst it and sorting

and no one else seems to want to head down there with me

although they will happily come and

accept the treasures they find.

It isn’t right to become mad at them

I know just how they feel,

but if we don’t sort it soon

All of it’s going to the tip!

But this week

small victories began,

I found two guitar cases

as I unpacked the junk

then today I was in a shop and found my glasses.

I had dropped them in a change room

and without realising it

had gone about my business

as if there were still on my face.

Oh deary me!!

But what have I found

often I have been awake

for the sunrise

I stop to notice the sunset

and sigh at its delirous colour

I take myself out to the garden

and I’ve seen green tree frogs

every other day.

I want to weed the garden.

I am constantly writing

and now I have fun taking

self portraits

and composing them just the way I want.

I have decided to embrace tropical style

and wear flowers in my hair,

only they are not real because real ones will wilt and die

but they are colourful and plastic.

I have found life fantastic

true friendships

and am working on assertiveness that

empowers others and myself.

Sometimes formulas others give you

really do work.

I am reading photo books

all about splashes of colour

and notice life giving red

in my photos.

Birthdays and cafes

and collections of photographs where people smile

make me smile

all those faces beaming with joy

at music

royal visits

being with each other.

My colour intuition is guiding me right.

I listen to intuition

and prayer all

guiding me to the next step

And somewhere quietly inside

wisdom grows

and is acknowledged by others.

 This makes me giggle

to be called wise.

But I am lost and found

and found and lost

And  if wisdom calls me it’s friend

who am I to close the door.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved-

(c) image my daughter! in love with her birthday jelly beans in jelly

(c) other image of Dad and Daughter June Perkins


Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

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