Guinea Pig Magic

Photo Credit: June Perkins

Guinea Pigs rock.  Ours have to be the most spoiled I know.  They have an indoor cage,  on the balcony cage,  outdoor cage, a playpen, and a daybed with sunshade.   They are in a tribe of four but we separate them at night as they were having a few guinea pig wars in the balcony cage there for a while.

I have learnt, since these guinea pigs came into our lives, that guinea pigs love soft toys.   They snuggle up to them at night and can chose a favourite that no other guinea pig can touch.  They act like toddlers who haven’t yet learnt to share and will swipe any other guinea pig trying to take their favourite toy.

Our guinea pigs when they get their food, pick out their favourite parts and leave all the stuff they don’t like.  They can be so picky!   They sometimes pig out crazily on their favourite food until their tummies almost burst!  Ours love carrots.

They love human contact as well as their buddy guineapigs.  Ours are bought in daily for cuddles, particularly on cold winter nights (well cold for QLD) and they snuggle under the kids doonahs which they wrap around themselves and said guinea pigs.

Ours don’t multiply because we only have boys.  This is good because they eat a lot of food.  We harvest the rocket for the garden for them sometimes.

Guinea pigs have been of great comfort to our kids since Yasi.  This is because they are cuddly, something to care for, and they managed to stay calm and survive.    We are very protective of them and have had a cat lurking.  We chase it off and doublecheck their homes all the time.  Guinea pigs who survive cyclones deserve to live for a long time!

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved

guineapigmagicPhoto Credit: June Perkins

4 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Magic

  1. I have never been around guinea pigs but they sure do look adorable. I’m so pleased they have such a good home with your family. And anything that adorable should be spoiled and cuddled often.



  2. I loooove guinea pigs- I especially love how they purr when they’re really enjoying you stroking them. Ours start squeaking when they want food which is really cute as they’ve worked out that Dad is a massive softie and so even the sound of his footsteps sets them off squeaking, even when they have plenty of food!
    And they’re so much less maintenance than larger animals!


  3. Goodness we have a whole blog for ours now, although the kids need to upkeep it, they are busy actually being with the guinea pigs …. or their guitars and piano….


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