Chasing Shadows and Light

fromthewindow_excursion7_june2011Photo credit: June Perkins


There are days where you can play with the shadows to more clearly see the light.

You can find these days on busy journeys past cane, trucks, and falling down trees.

You can listen to the light as it dances on the bus windows.

You can turn the shadows into rabbits on the back of the bus seats.

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You can chase sunbursts on the window pane frames and turn them into art.

I love these days of chasing shadows and light.

These are the days when I will remember being with my children on excursions.

I will remember talking to one of their friends about the kinds of natural frames

I will sayΒ  look you can see in the arches of the bending trees and the top of the bus window

where there are thin long frames.

I will remember seeing birds flying above cane

And so many images I wish I could stop to photograph.

But my memory must photograph the shadows and the light.

We can’t stop as this is not the object of the journey.

We are off to see a move and visit a wetland centre.


We are off on a journey of discovery to find ‘inner peace’ of Kung Fu panda

AndΒ  to learn how to recognise the bird song and nests.

Still I will see the shadows and the light

Chasing each other on the grass outside the Tyto centre.

I will take my chance to photograph memory and place it in a creative space

Inside camera head and next time we come here I will

have planned some photographs.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

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