What comes after – after…. dealing with disasters.


Photo Credit: June Perkins

What comes after, after?  That is after a tree is damaged, a cyclone happens, you see the immediate effects(like in the picture above) but what next?

After comes in stages – where first of all you deal with immediate safety and shelter concerns.

Then you move onto confirming the situation,  letting family know how you are, and branching out into recovery, little by little. You find some things have to be done staight away – like move your belongings very quickly or cut down that dangerous tree, or put a tarp on that roof.

Then it becomes increasingly complex as you find out about how you will receive help and register for lots of things.  But then you often have to follow things up, especially if everyone is hearing back and you are not.

And whilst the physical things are being dealt with, and often have priority, there are lots of emotions bottled up as you get on with recovering.  Everyone deals with this part differently.

I could not talk about the actual cyclone night straight away.  Yet my husband recounted it in more and more detail.  I had to leave the room or ignore the story as it felt too raw.

Gradually however it became easier for me to confront that night! I did it through keeping a journal and my blog.  Whilst I wasn’t keen to talk about things – I could write about them.

What else did I do?

I’ll blog that here in short snippets and with ABC Open so watch this space.

I am keen to hear what you have been doing to deal with the Aftermath of natural disasters where-ever you live.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved

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