Rain and bananas

Yes, you guessed it, it’s raining in the Cassowary Coast again.  I so hope all those people with tarps and tents are okay out there.  A thousand people still displaced.  Crazy!


I so long for them – they are still expensive so sometimes I buy banana milk just to remember their taste.

My hubbie said ‘but one banana can go so far on a pavlova, maybe we should buy just one and cut it up.’

Delectable.  Maybe my next post might be solely devoted to bananas.  This one is mainly about rain.

Love it

Hate it

Want it






Drink it

Splash it

Avoid it



Falling down

Crashing up


If only it could rain bananas…

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved words and images.

5 thoughts on “Rain and bananas

  1. Absolutely June … wouldn’t it be grand if it were to rain bananas. They are such a delicious food!! Great post June. Perfect words. Sad rainy times for Tully’s tarped households. Where’s Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ when we need her. Thanks for sharing. Cx


  2. Yes, where is Samantha –! Time for some light hearted with a twist poetry, I’m wondering what Edward Lear would have to say about Yasi, or Spike Milligan, sometimes we deal with the saddest things in the funniest ways. Hmm that banana post is coming!


  3. Thanks Vi – hope you are well. I’ve been taking pics of the banana plantations right near town too.
    They are very colourful places. I will say more in my banana post….


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