Reinventing Futures for Refugee and Migrant Women

transmitting skills
Photo Credit: June Perkins, Transmitting Skills Series

Refugees and migrants come to Australia looking to rebuild their lives, and face many challenges – from tackling new cultures, language, home-sickness to searching for economic independence.  They come with talents, dreams and expectations.

They come to Australia to build new futures but the reality is often not what they may have expected of the ‘lucky country.’

I know this from first hand experience, having a migrant (but not refugee mother), so  I was excited to hear that Nell Arnold of, Out of Australia, is co-producing with the National Council of Women of Queensland a forum and film about “Reinventing Futures with/for, by women.”

This event will take place

 November 24, 6pm – 8:30pm   Queensland Parliamentary Annex

Professor Arnold has been for 40 years assisting refugees and new immigrants in many countries co-build enterprises with professional women and business owners.

Nell says:

“If you consider there may be 1.2 million professional and business women in Australia who could guide, mentor or partner five new refugee women into enterprise local to global.  If we did, we would be creating 6 million new self-employment opportunities.

The goal is to ensure women move out of social and economic isolation.

Each of the refugees and new immigrants women have links to at least five other women in Australia and beyond. Market size increases to 30 million – even 1% of this market size establishes viable futures for enterprise.

The internal to international market linkages, working to reinvent viable futures, introduces options.

Communication systems are adapting rapidly at a time when we all have to reinvent economic structures and cash-flows.”

This will be a fabulous and inspiring event leading to some mentoring and partnerships that will be beneficial not only to those attending but the fabric of Australian life and its participation in the  global community.

I look forward to future news from participants in this forum and trust that many Australians will find a way to support this initiative.

For more information on the Forum –

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