Blogging with a Purpose

a shell home for kids
Photo Credit – By June Perkins

Reading this blog  ‘Beautiful Thanks’ by Sarah today, reminded me of the power of blogging, words, images and friendship.

Recently I made my first digital story for my guest blogging at ABCopen.  I learnt how to use the video editing program with one In the Bin intensive workshop from last year, some pointers from Leandro Palacio and Mick Bromage, and a viewing of the inbuilt tutorial to the video editing program.  The rest was determination and practice (which I still need more of so do forgive my little editing gliches I am going to do another polish of the video).

My story was that of Operation Angel and their contribution to the recovery process in Lower Tully.  I could not have told this story without the sensitive documentary photographs of Carolyn Bofinger who captured the joy Operation Angel bought to locals.  I am delighted that she gave me permission to use these images as they are central to telling this story.

I mention friendship because Carolyn’s friendship with me and Sarah Allen’s friendship with Jacqueline Pascarl, has bought us all together in cyberspace and sometimes in real space.

We blog not aimlessly but with a purpose, for our art,  maybe our businesses, our communities, and for the creation of healing, humanitarian and recovery spaces.  We blog things we care about, and use social media platforms for something constructive.

To see the video visit  OPERATION ANGEL VIDEO ON VIMEO.

I am so inspired by the amazing people I meet and hear about, and every now and then extra special people come into my orbit – and there always seems to be a reason.

There is a power in digital stories, or short community made documentaries, to reach into people’s hearts.  It can be done on practically no budget, with a few handy tips in mind to make it more effective.  Watching closely how filmmakers frame image and cut between scenes is a big help.

Photo Credit – By June Perkins

(c) June Perkins

2 thoughts on “Blogging with a Purpose

  1. Great post June … blogging is a fantastic tool to just document life and love and everything that encompasses it. I’d like to think someone, somewhere got something out of each post I write but in the end, I know that I definitely do in writing each one, so that is what counts. Your posts are always so insightful and inspiring. Your storytelling, brilliant. ABC open is so amazing in being people together and providing opportunities for real people to tell real stories. Well done gorgeous. I’ll always enjoy reading your words. Always. Cx


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