Moment Behind the Photograph – workshop in the Cassowary Coast

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Photographs can be amazing story sparkers, as a small but enthusiastic group of participants found when Leandro Palacio came to C4 to run a free community workshop.

Weaving, Cyclone Yasi stories, lessons from nature’s creatures, and empowerment of Aboriginal youth were some of the themes to emerge from participants’ photographs.

Leandro introduced ABCopen by playing a few sample Moment Behind the Photograph presentations and its one year celebration video, as well as navigating participants through many exciting and creative projects.

We worked on telling a story about our photographs, such as:

-where we were when it was taken

-what it was about

-why it was important to us.

Once we had  made a few notes on our photographs – in a handout Leandro had earlier prepared, he recorded audio of us telling our story.  He shared with us how we could sound record on  iphones or smart phones.

Leandro gave us handy tips on minimising background noise when recording, and demonstrated how to use the video editing programs.

We asked him all sorts of questions about sound scaping, where to obtain ‘free’ copyright music and sound effects and programs we could access for free.  He showed us a few of his posts as well.

It was a productive day!  Thanks must go to c4 for providing a free workshop space and to Leandro for giving us insight into ABCopen.

The other participants were lively and chatty,  so we had an informative discussion on the difficulties of accessing broadband in some regional areas and learnt more about each other.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved words and images.

3 thoughts on “Moment Behind the Photograph – workshop in the Cassowary Coast

  1. Hi June,
    It was a great workshop, meeting people with interesting stories while learning something new. Hope there will be another workshop with Leandro soon with more people and their stories.


  2. I was pleased to hear how much Stuart, my husband/partner got out of this workshop. He realized that he had what he needed to get into publishing his photos & short films using final cut pro. Its such a gift that people like Leandro are giving to us so we can leap and bound ahead. Deep warm thanks to all.


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