Guest blogging makes me brave and leads to discoveries

Yes, my guest blogging for abcopen continues – what a great bunch those producers are – busy creating, workshopping and out and about getting to know the community.They inspire me to do the same.

Mick, Leandro, Sonya, Miranda, Benji, watch out for all these names I am sure they will produce many great stories.  Their short videos are gems in my daily websurfing.

I love interviewing people and sharing their stories.

This picture at the top of this blog is of Joe Galeano a recent interviewee.

I was lucky as Pam introduced me to her husband Joe and although I didn’t know him that well by the end of the interiew I had a lot of insights into Pam and Joe’s life in the country and living through cyclones.You can find my latest blog up now and soon there will be some videos! I have been working on mastering pinnacle editing programs.

At first it was tricky but it is getting easier.  Once I master the basics I am keen to go on and do more complicated stuff.

You can read my latest guest blog:

(c) all rights reserved, June Perkins

One thought on “Guest blogging makes me brave and leads to discoveries

  1. Go June! You’re a wonderful writer and storyteller. Your energy motivates and inspires me in my work and I really appreciate how much attention you pay to every detail of the Aftermath project. Thank you!


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