I’m back ‘dreaming’

Final sunrise at our brief stopover home before now…

So it’s been tricky keeping up with my blog.  All my time has been taken up with packing, unpacking and cleaning.   I will forever have visions of my daughter dancing with the mop and cleaning the windows with glee, and the kids enjoying the lift on the truck.

Even though we have settled not everything is done, we still have to get internet and a fresh water set up.  We are on bore water and it’s so rusty.  There’s a tank here, full of rubbish and not connected to the tap – it needs a lot of work.  I can even smell the rust in my hair when I am showering.  I load my hair up with heaps of fruity smelling shampoo to rid myself of it and just hope people aren’t going ‘there’s that rust smelling lady.’ Joys of country life I really must remember some people walk miles to wells to find their water at least we have water, but at the moment we are buying our drinking water as even when we boil it the bore water seems icky.

For now I am using mobile net and the library internet!!

Two hours free internet at the library per week for locals – great news for me just at the moment so I am taking advantage of it to blog.  I’ve signed up to a five week course to learn how to use my mobile phone, no more asking the kids.  It makes me feel like a nanny when I have to do this.  Mind you finally getting more conversant with video editing, but really want to learn how to do sound transitions better.

I’ve read a lot of blogs and articles about blogging, social media and the art of selling without feeling like you are annoying people.  It’s all about having a service people want and engaging with them as people not ‘customers.’

So a blog that is about people, but offers a service, so much so people want to support it and buy products off it.  Sounds easy, well it is if you can think of the gifts you have that are of use to others.  So many artists – some commercial and some in it for what they can so and do to change the world and some combine both wonderfully.

So rethinking my blog as both a personal blog which is there for my friends to catch up with me I realise I want to offer some products you can buy to help me keep up my blogging.

So watch this space and see what happens.  I think however, outblogloud, that I love to make documentaries, and would love to be more and more involved in this, so you will be able to see sample documentaries embedded in my blogs.

You might also see places you can buy photographs, prints, books, cards and be able to purchase things you like or mean something to you.  I love making photocollages and will let you know where you purchase some.

I love snail mail letters – I don’t write or receive them very often, but the personal handwritten letter is such a novelty these days.  I do them as precious gifts, so handmade products based on the blog might be on the way.

I am touched by special things my friends and community do and love to blog on events and newsworthy stuff.  A lot of bloggers world wide do that!  I don’t like this to just be opinion based but like to research what I post and check out the background to things just like good journalists do.

What else, I love to keep up with the creative writing process and motivate myself and others to write and create.  So I will probably continue to develop blogs on that but maybe I can make neat little ebooks and do more samplers here.

I personally love reading humourous blogs, and I love that you can subscribe to blogs and receive them to your email inbox – it almost like a snail mail letter in that it arrives where you can read it and you don’t have to go looking for it .  It would be great to have more subscribers who are enjoying the blog and events and products I am making or part of.

Well my internet time is almost over so I better sign out and post.

You can catch my latest abcopen blog here  http://open.abc.net.au/projects/aftermath-08vh8ac/posts/taipans-trucks-and-trust-95hp4ul

I have another one in the works on Graeme Connor and Robert Rose visiting with Australian Health Rotary on the way.  I am doing my second mini documentary for that.  I’ve decided that soon I want to do some voice over narration on my documentaries, and will need to be miked up for that.  There’s also the one on Pam and Joe, so much interesting stuff to share there.

It’s really awesome learning new skills! I love it.  ABCopen visited last week to document my family’s recovery since the cyclone.  It was great having them in town.  I have a blog on that visit typed up at home and will put it up when I get a chance.

I have been off chasing sunsets and waterfalls as well, with my camera that is! It’s always interesting being in a new home and having new things to photograph.

All the best to my family, friends and readers.

Feel free to subscribe to the blog it’s the easiest way to know when I have next posted without me making you feel like a ‘customer.’  Life, wow it sure can be one massive roller coaster ride at times, even with or without cyclone aftermaths.


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