Poetry about Yasi

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Walking into Light - By June Perkins

In the last few months I have been mostly privately writing poems about the experience of Yasi and its aftermath.

I haven’t been sharing too many of them on my blog or anywhere for that matter  but here are two recent ones, which are about the experience of being more fully recovered and whole since the cyclone.

I am developing both of these into songs and recently sang Shadows into Light to the Licuala Winq Writers.

11.11.11 November Song

I’m thinkin’of the houses that lost their rooves

All the world’s children who lose their homes

I’m thinkin’of the songmakers tryin’change the world

Dylan and his questions blowin’ in the wind

All those November songs we sing

All those moments happenin’right now

Songs come now clear the pain

Wash away memories in the rain

I’m seein’ the buildings slowly rising up

I’m rememberin’ things that came and knocked them down.

I’m thinkin’ of people healing broken hearts

Practical angels giving people their wings

I’m thinkin’ of red poppies for each soldier lost

Grieving young widows and what wars cost

Can’t stop dreaming

Can’t stop believin’

Can’t stop buildin’

Must go on hopin’








and peace



Tree Reaching - June Perkins

Shadows into Light

There are days when you can play

with shadows to see the light

You can find these on the journeys past cane and

fallen down trees

Life has corners you can’t see

Twists and turns

Still photography

Sometimes we don’t see connections

We go and miss

the shimmering

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty

We’ve forgotten how to feel

You can chase the sunlight across the window panes

You can turn them into anything you want

Climb and clamber

Shine and Sway

In the forests

Light the way

Capture a glimpse of connection

Dream of nature’s rhapsody

Make this a day to remember

Chase the shadows into light

Sometimes we don’t see connections

We miss the shimmerings

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty

We’ve forgotten how to feel

Make this a day to remember

Chase the shadows into light (repeat to fade)

(c) All rights Reserved, June Perkins

4 thoughts on “Poetry about Yasi

  1. Beautiful June,truly meaningful lines straight from the heart…you are a raduabt spirit of light…blessings Hazel and Hank


  2. Thanks so much Hazel, will be in touch soon – been thinking a lot about your views on poetry – and finding the music of the words and how many and how few are needed. Must invite you to guest blog for me soon.


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