June’s Journal

My year in 25 pics
‘My year in 25 pics” – Photographic Journalling – June Perkins

I was introduced to keeping journals in my primary school, but from the very beginning I kept a public journal and a private one.

My public journal was full of tales of excursions, interesting food and the mundane things of everyday life.  My private journal was where I poured out where I felt about the world, family, my annoying brothers and how I was getting along, or not getting along with my parents.

Teenagers.  I remember the intensity of my teenage self, writing page upon page as if her life depended on it.

I didn’t keep these journals – they felt like excess baggage when I left home and I destroyed them.   I wanted to move on into adult hood unencumbered by my childhood writings. It makes me sad to think I threw my childhood and teenage written self out, how fascinating it would be to meet these two beings today and see what they were truly like.

I do remember some of my entries though.  I would write in ‘purple’ language inspired by Prince and the album ‘Purple Rain’which a friend of mine was into.  I didn’t actually own the albums just listened to them at her house.  I wrote in shades of purple pen and used abbreviations similiar to text speak, and littered with hearts.

I would count the number of times my favourite crush looked at me, as it this all held some deeper meaning.  What a funny thing I was, but I suppose many girls do this.

Sometimes I would write of my dreams for the future – mostly I remember wanting to be a writer and own a typewriter – this was before the advent of laptops.

Today I keep a blog, and a notebook journal.  I still like to feel the pen scrawling across paper.

My spaces are private and public.  I keep some of what I feel to myself but often share what is private because I feel it will help someone somewhere with their journey.

So I write about dealing with life, small towns, parenting, and every now and then undertake ‘research’ either from observation, history, travel or other books.

Sometimes I write songs, and they are a mix of private and public experiences.  Yet I don’t always have to live in my own experience, because sometimes it is good to imagine beyond.

This is why writing ‘fantasy’ interests me.  Here I can be inventor of worlds, people and events, create symmetry and explore all that interests me.  It is not important for the reader to understand me, but more that they can inhabit the world that comes into being in this kind of writing.

Sometimes a break from the ‘self’of writing in autobiography is a very welcome writing space.  Here I am the little girl walking on the wall not merely pretending to be Joan of Arc but actually being here in a speculative fiction piece where she walks around my neighbourhood looking for a cause.

So there you have met the beginnings of my journal, imaginary, private and public. Today I mix these writing palettes and add to it multimedia and cyberspace.  I hang onto my written creations, and file them, box them, disk them, and return to them.  Every now and then I discover or am given childhood writings.  My Dad saved a poetry collection from my childhood and gave me the exercise book full of handwritten and typed poems.  I enjoyed meeting my childhood and adolescent writing self.

My imagination conjures these two beings and reexamines the lost pages until the journals appear in front of me.  I can still open those pages because I am the one who lived the life that wrote them.

Today photography plays an important part in my journaling.

…to be continued

(c) All rights reserved,  June Perkins.

6 thoughts on “June’s Journal

  1. I have found some of my journal scattered hither and yon. I must say that I amaze myself. I am sure that if you had kept yours that you would amaze yourself, too!


  2. I never kept journals per-se , but while I did write a lot of poetry, I didn’t begin that until I was in my twenties. Then there is a gab until I started again at age 55+. My poetry for the most part is autobiographical, My mind flows much more smoothly in verse. And despite having five books written and published, poetry is still my favorite medium of expression. I have never published any poetry and for that matter have shared little of it. Publishing, I think, often changes the content so that it isn’t as pure as the author/poet wishes it were.

    I’m looking forward to the continuation of your piece.



  3. Thanks for your thoughts Vi, I will be continuing about journalling as my blogging has often been very much a journal, and like photographic snapshots, snapshots of my life in journals seem to be a resource I can draw on whilst I still have surviving journals. I may even drag a few old accounts out and see what I discover in them, I’d like to look at the writers who are known for their diaries as well and why their diaries are so intriguing. There are many books written like diaires as well, so there’s lots of scope for doing a series of blogs around journalling, and then of course there’s the pyschological aspects of journalling for clarity, vision and healing.


  4. Thanks June,
    I think it’s great that you love blogging so much and can make it ‘sing’ with pictures. I will read your writing blog for sure. Great stuff!


  5. Thanks Carol – great to hear from you – hope you enjoy reading the blog, I like photographs and words together each can work alone but also in conjunction with the other.


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