Launch of Cyclone Yasi Our Stories

Poets of Yasi, sometimes you can say more with less – the collection mixes it up with accounts or emotions that are sometimes expressed in poetry.

Two dear friends, Survivors and Poets of Cyclone Yasi.

Seven of the Licuala WINQ writers took they time to contribute to the anthology of Yasi stories, four of them pictured here.  Well done everyone for taking time out of clean ups and moves to write up your experience and share it.
Licuala WINQ Writers featured in Cyclone Yasi, Our Stories.

Volunteers doing their bit for history, literature and thirsty launch attendees.  A friendly bunch showing the community spirit of Cardwell is and strong. Cardwell Lions did a lot in the post Yasi clean ups even when they themselves had a lot to do!  We love our volunteers on the Cassowary Coast, always thinking of others.

Cardwell Lions - supporting the launch of Cyclone Yasi out stories.

Catching up with Sue Tidey and meeting her hubby Robert was great.  Wonderful contributors to the  Cyclone Yasi, our Stories, who said it actually uplifted them to be included and to come along today.

We had fun discussing cameras, wildlife, ABC Open and blogging!

Robert and Sue Tidey

You can see more pictures of the launch here.

Watch out for a guest ABC Open post soon, but you can always find me  here on my homebase blog.

Pearlz Dreaming.

For more details about the book visit  Cardwell Historical Society.

For more go to the ABC Open Post on the Launch – Launch of Cyclone Yasi our Stories, Our Words.

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