Wonder a day 5: Country Life

farm visit 101
Walking Country Life (c) June Perkins

It was just one of those days you don’t forget.  We went for afternoon tea at the Galeanos and then it was off for a drive around the farm to look for the evidence of crocodile nests.

The kids enjoyed being perched on the back of the truck, looking over the top of the cane and getting to know the some new kids they hadn’t met before.  When we first arrived they were a bit shy although the two girls were happy to chat to everyone from the start.

By the end of our tour of the areas near where the Galeano’s live the kids chatter was lively and animated.  So much so that later the youngest of them all – a grandchild of Pam and Joe’s – said – ‘you’re not going yet.’  Which we weren’t because there was watermelon, trampolining, sunset pictures and watching a video of crocodile eggs being hatched in 2001.

I enjoyed chatting with Pam and being with two other keen photographers, Pam and her granddaughter.  We found crabs in the mangroves, light on cane, and patterns in nature to photograph.  The perfect timing to with a setting sun that was to die for, well photograph with happiness anyway.

As for David he was having a good yarn up guided tour with Joe, who was enjoying having a group to talk to all about one of his great loves – the crocodile and crocodile conservation.

My daughter declared crocodiles are so cute, after seeing the video of them as little ones.  She felt this was totally amazing and wouldn’t it be lovely to have  pet one.  Of course they are much better off in the wild crocodiles.  Humans often fear them but they are an important part of the food chain to keep it all in balance.

It was a great day, one those you just don’t forget, one of the wonders of country life.

What’s a day in your memory you will never forget?

farm visit 140-002
A lone tree on the farm (c) June Perkins

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