Wonder a Day 11: Cricket

at the cricket- fans 2
~Keen Fans at the cricket by June Perkins

Today’s theme the wonders of the great game – cricket!

We were blessed to take my youngest to a Pakistan versus Australia game where Ricky Ponting scored 209.  We were on a trip to Tassie to see my parents and youngest who is a cricket fanatic worked out there was a game in Hobart and he just had to be there.  Tickets were secured, not to mention baracking gear.

Living far from the capital cities where the games regularly occur is one of the sacrifices of living in the country, although locally it is also a common pastime for country people, along with golf, tennis – and fishing.

So there we were at Bellerive Oval – Hobert,  grandad, bubu (PNG for Grandparent), me the kids, David and their Uncle Paul watching the cricket and youngest was in HEAVEN.

Youngest is about to be of the age where he can join a team.  So far he plays regularly in the back yard and ropes us all into train him up. He has already played for his primary school team and is quite handy with the bat although he can’t join the town team until he is ten.

at the cricket - brothers
~my sons at the cricket by June Perkins

If you follow my blog you’ll know that cricket played a role in our coping with Cyclone Yasi.

The Australia versus England the sixth one day International was on and the cricket fanatics of the family were keenly following it.  It kept youngest occupied to think about how Australia was doing and was as important as details from the BOM site that my hubby’s brother was giving him once our power had gone out.

This was the story we shared with Damien Martyn when he came to the Bounce Back Concert in Tully.  He was very kind to youngest and signed his shirt and hat.  He listened to our story with interest. He even tweeted the photograph of the two of them together, which was rather sweet.

Ah the wonders of cricket not to mention caring cricketers!

(c) June Perkins

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2 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 11: Cricket

  1. Cricket is wonderful stress relief. When I was an anxious, sleep-deprived new mother I found the sounds of the cricket broadcast on the radio soothing, even if I wasn’t focussed on the details. West Indies were playing in Australia at the time. My 2nd daughter was born during an Ashes tour of England. My baby was born confused, sleeping during the day and awake all night. Never mind, I watched nearly every ball of that tour.

    I’ve also played a lot of cricket – backyard cricket during every break in international cricket matches as a child, outdoor cricket at university, indoor cricket when I was older (with David and Hubble). Sadly none of my daughters have my enthusiasm for playing cricket but I enjoy playing with my niece and nephews each year over Christmas.

    My profile as a cricketer? Abysmal bowler but can place my bat on innocuous deliveries. One of my favourite memories was playing beach cricket last Christmas. The boy bowling loved doing it and didn’t want to bat, others happy to field despite me offering the bat to them, so I spent a long time hitting balls into the water and watching my brother retrieve the ball.

    The wonders of cricket indeed!


  2. Love your note Yvonne, I still remember arriving in Melbourne and watching cricket with you and Alan and family when we had cross the Tasman to the ‘mainland’!!!


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