Wonder a Day 13: Joy of Childhood

swing motion 2I was scanning through some old photos and came across this series of my youngest son when we lived in Brisbane, he is three I think,  and he’s playing on a backyard swing in Brisbane.    He was having so much fun with a piece of rope, some dirt for the feet and a shady tree.

Childhood is a wonder all by itself.  It shows in his face.

swing laugh

All the more fun with spaces to jump, run, explore, dig and just be a kid in.

swing motion3

I remember childhood – we didn’t have a swing, but instead we had a big rock to play on and a hilly yard.  We had peach trees, a rooster to run away from and corn growing in that hilly yard.

swing motion1Childhood a place where I wish all the world’s children had the opportunity to play, explore and grow, with safety and opportunity.  I know for some though childhood was a difficult place, may it not be so for their children.

(c) June Perkins

2 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 13: Joy of Childhood

  1. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? Your son looks like he had quite a bit of fun. I love your ending. Childhood was not easy for me and I’ve tried my hardest to make it different for my daughter. However, she had challenges of her own because of the lessons she decided to learn before she chose me as her mother. I made it as much fun as possible though and she has grown into an amazing young woman…just as your son is growing into his amazing self.


  2. So true Sally – everyone has such a different journey through life, and choices take us into our future. This life is so short and so much to learn, and do, it is good to have memories of joyful expression.


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