Wonder a Day 15: Loupes, Doctors with poetry and summerschools

spider web dance
spider web dance- one of my contributions to up-close -By June Perkins

ABC Open Review 1

ABC Open is a wonder so much so I am going to do regular reviews of it.

It is to quote the creators:

 an exciting new way for regional communities to connect and share stories on the ABC. If you live in regional Australia, you’re invited to share your stories through photos, words, sound and video. ABC Open producers are based in regional towns around Australia to help you get started

Scanning through the ABC open posts is always a diverse and often enlightening experience. Sometimes there are emotional moments and other times jaw dropping photographs that you wish you could have taken.

It can be hard to keep up though as the producers and guest bloggers collect stories, share how to use technology or where to come to get training and muse on the projects they are part of – at a rate  only a team of dedicated bloggers and digital storytellers can.

So far, there have been 2123 posts for ABC Open.  That’s a lot of posts!  That figure might even be out of date by the time I finish this post.

So just how can one engage with the ABC Open project without being overwhelmed?

1) You can explore a project that appeals to you from recovery from disasters to  Up Close photography as well as moments behind photographs.  These projects often have a sharing of interesting even gut renching knowledge, memory or experience that might lead you to follow that project and come back to it maybe once or twice a week.

2) You can randomly scan until something appeals to you in the posts. Now they only problem with this method is you might get hooked and spend a lot of time reading lots of blogs.  So maybe limit yourself in time so you can get back to other stuff you like to do.

3) Another thing you can do is explore by State,  and you might find something relevant to you in a down the road kind of way.  You might even see people you know guest blogging or attending workshops of ABC Open and you can encourage your mates.

4) Once you are in blogs you might like to leave a comment, either on the blog, or perhaps on a photograph link in the blog, that is on flickr.  Either way the guest blogger or ABC Open producer will read that comment, and depending on what kind of comment it is get back to you.

No point making a comment unless you have something to say – so the beauty of scanning is there is such variety in the ABC open space you will find something that moves you to commentary.  You can comment on a post from ages ago, simply because it’s on a topic you love.

5) Reading my reviews and following a lead to a blog you may have overlooked.  I love to read and maybe I’ll scan and find something you missed.

Unlike other blogs there is no random site syndication, or having it emailed to your inbox. But then there are so many blogs just visiting it and having it as a sidebar link is more than enough.

You can’t leave links to other things in your comments which experienced bloggers love to do, but if you’re ever a guest blogger you can put links in your posts and extra links section.

But then ABC Open is not there just for the experienced, flickr, mobile phone, blogger – it is there for the regional community to be part of the collaborative storytelling process.

For today’s review I applied point 2.

In the most recent posts I came across a guest blogging doctor  Hilton Koppe who uses creative writing to be better doctor and reflect on things, as well as several descriptions of  and invitations to ABC open summer schools which have been being held across the country to engage people with technology from digital cameras, to mobile phones, as well as online stuff like blogging.

See the following two posts to get a taste for the project to demystify technologies through the Summer Schools:

The retro mobile attachment for the technologically nostaglic 

On the Road Again

But the post I particularly enjoyed this time around was Luke Wong’s Getting a loupe over close-up photography this was because of the way he showed that however limited your camera you can find ways to make it do more.  I liked this post so much I shared the link on my public facebook page.  I might even tweet it, and if you don’t know what those things are then maybe you just might want to start interacting with ABC Open. 

(c) June Perkins

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