Wonder a Day 14: Music

guitar workshop
Son on his way to workshop in Yungaburra

Today is another memory blog, of time at Yungaburra’s music festival.  Music is a wonder of our family’s life and this event from two years ago was part of the music journey they will take into their future.

Full of workshops with people like Alesa Lajana, and concerts by people holding the workshops like herself.  They did go to a Blues workshop and a song writing one as well, but Alesa’s was memorable because of the way she spoke about music.

Alesa spoke about people taking any path in music as long as the passion continues, by that she meant classical training, or self taught, it’s the daily practice the hones the love of music.  It builds the skill of the musician and they take the journey with their instrument.

My youngest son loves the movie August Rush a fairytale about a boy who follows the music and is reunited with lost parents through their mutual love of music.  The scene where he encounters a guitar for the first time is one of my boy’s favourite scenes in movies.

Alesa Lajana in concert

So there you have it, keep up the practice of whatever you love  and have some skill and training in- and you develop in it.

Thanks Alesa too for staying in touch on facebook and the occasional mentoring comment to my sons on their guitar journey.

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2 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 14: Music

  1. The first photo is definitely a keeper. Music seems to flow with your life’s blood. It never ceases to amaze me how critical music is to a life well lived.


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