Wonder a day 17: Perspective…

Looking out the muse's window
Looking out the muse’s window- By June Perkins

Photography is not about having the best technology, but also about perspective.  Anything can be made to look interesting if one moves close up or takes it from an interesting angle.

For instance the reflection of a building in a puddle, or the world reflected in a bubble.

I found this old picture of my daughter looking out a window at me. I think I was putting clothes on the line and she was peering down with me.  It is funny for me to think that even back then I was carrying my camera everywhere.  I wasn’t as avid a photographer as I am now.

I like this photograph because of the stars and sun curtains – which we still have! and the sky reflected in the window.  I’ve taken a few pictures of windows since then, but this one remains a special one – captured in a moment of looking up to see my little girl.

Later on I read these low angled photographs, looking up to people make them look empowered and dominating in a picture.  She is tiny but looks at peace with the universe.

(c) June Perkins

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