Wonder a day 18: Sunburst

gleam of light - mission beach
Sunburst at Mission beach – June Perkins

I looked back through my photographs of the last year to discover lots of images of light peering through trees – why do I love these little bursts so much?

They symbolise the power of light to reach out and change what you are looking at.  A cyclone broken tree with a slice or shimmer of light is poetic, hopeful, and uplifting.

The sky is a place free from sad faces and sorrowful buildings – cracks and tarpaulin, tempers and impatience, it follows its sunrise – daylight, to sunset to moonlight cycle regardless of people.

Sunset still captures the heart into peacefulness even when all else is a hurried pace of coping and moving, running and packing, and moving.

Sunset over farms, canes, beach – the light and patterns of colour on the sky inviting a smile and a gasp.

Please note:

When photographing sunbursts I use my flip out screen on the nikon, just to protect my eyes.

I love sunbursts – how about you?

(c) June Perkins

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