Wonder a Day 23: Snake Handlers

snake man - Les
Les Harris – The Snake Man

Today’s wonder has to be snake handlers.

I have to thank Les Harris from Cardwell for coming and removing a 1.7 Brown Tree  Snake from one of our bird cages (after it had a breakfast of our dearly beloved quails.)

This snake is according to Wildlife Answers

Commonness: Common

Danger: Non-venomous However bites can cause serious  reactions especially in young children.
Common in and around Brisbane. Adults feed mainly on birds, including birds in cages. Active at night.

Diet: small birds and eggs, occasionally small mammals

Les took the opportunity to do a short talk and first aid basics for the kids at the primary school just next door and gave his card to the Principal if any more snakes be found.

I think the kids at the school will all be wearing their shoes and keeping a look out for any thing slippering and slinky today.

Les’s advice if I see any more, leave them alone they usually just go away, or maybe squirt with a hose, or gently shoo of with a broom handle, don’t get to close….

Will leave the rest of this story  for a post I think I’ll write for ABC open about our morning with a brown tree snake.  Will let you know if it gets posted.

It might be timely with so many of them hanging around.  I think this post like the snakes will need a bit of care – and I need time to tell the story really well – but honestly if you don’t like snakes and the thought of removing them – snake handlers are a WONDER not to mention a good precaution if you are not sure how to tell if its venomous.

Do you have a story about snakes?  The kids at the primary school certainly did!

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