Wonder a Day 24: Australians

Australia a home for all people, but looking for peace within with some of its first people.

australiaday first day perkins 015-006

Travelling overseas we find out what others truly think of us, and sometimes it might shock us to know we are seen as a racist nation when we think of all nations within our nation.
australiaday first day perkins 237-007Small country towns have made a place for all peoples, and striven hard to attract, employ and make sure they feel at home in their new homes far from their birthlands.

australiaday first day perkins 012-007But there is a space for coming together for all peoples, and despite the debates many make a place for friendship with all peoples, first in this land, latest in this land.  The land does not discriminate but offers up its surface for all to walk on, and its beauty for all to enjoy.

DSC_0811And there are those who serve quietly and humbly – thinking of others before themselves. They are ever searching for the happiness of others, and in that is their own.  They show all of us how to be and inspire us to rethink who we are as Australians, as world citizens.

australiaday first day perkins 020And the youth will make a new future, reach out across all boundaries and take up our cultures within culture and meld it into something we don’t  yet fully know, or let’s hope so because no person, no cultures, no culture can reach perfection and understanding is the beginning of the journey for perfection.  It’s alright to have a good laugh along the way.  Joy makes us think more clearly – make our futures more dearly.

My wonder for today – Australians, and the Australia that could be.

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 24: Australians

  1. I think this, too, about the USA. We are gaining but there is so much to be done regarding race relations. We should all be able to live our lives in peace and harmony with respect for each other no matter our color, creed, or choice. Perhaps some day, this will come to pass, we can but hope and work, each in our own way toward that end.



  2. Good to know there are some fellow workers for the cause of universal peace, it begins a friendship at a time, a family and individual and radiates to town, country – nation and then world.


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