Wonder a Day 25: Reflections/Reflecting

Walking with Simon and Mum2
Reflections at Mission Beach – June Perkins

Reflecting – to throw or bend back light from a surface, to make manifest, to give back or show an image or sound
Reflection – a fixing of thoughts on something

water lillies..

Today’s wonder is the power of reflection – to understand something that was once unknown

– a power to meditate

– a power to uncover

As you reflect on 2011, summer or winter of sorrow may be there, but what else will you see reflected back

and what does that say about how you see the world

your past, present and future ?

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

2 thoughts on “Wonder a Day 25: Reflections/Reflecting

  1. It has been some time since I was last at your site, June. You have developed your site, and your writing, wonderfully. You also have made some fine, some excellent, contributions to both the Baha’i cause and causes in the wider society. Keep at it. The road is long and you will be able to make many more contributions in the years ahead into this 21st century with your writing and your open spirit and mind.

    I, too, have been busy on other fronts. We don’t have the weather problems down here in Tasmania that you have up there in Queensland, but the world has lots of causes to which one can contribute when one is, like you, a writer and poet. Seeyou…lateRon


  2. Thanks Ron for your visit, you are such a busy many with all your writing journeys and trails – (: I will always remember your massive files and all the web places you leave a little piece of your own writing light.


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