Wonder a Day 26: Ten Lessons from Two Determined Tennis Players

tournament 1
Young players waiting for a junior tournament – June Perkins

Novak Djokovic versus Rafael Nadal – what a match, such determination.  The greatest tennis match I’ve ever watched.

Neither player giving up.

You write one off and he’s back up again.  Unbelievably long rallies.

Nadal on his knees after winning a set.

It was just like the movie Rocky – only they were both Rocky.

But the funniest moment for me was them trying to stand through the speeches at the end and almost passing out, with their eyes rolling, ‘let’s get this over with,’until someone brought them chairs and a drink realising they might just be exhausted.

And yet when it came to speech time they were gracious and remembered to thank everyone they were supposed to, not cutting their speeches short at all.

What can junior tennis players, and others striving for brilliance in their chosen field,learn from this match?

1) Strive for Excellence.

2) Make sure you are super fit.

3) Never, and I mean never, give up.

4) Be gallant in defeat.

5) Be worthy of the respect of your opponent (don’t make it easy for them).

6) It doesn’t matter if you have quirky moves that everyone discusses on facebook, be yourself.

7)  Use ingenuity – and mixing it up when things aren’t working.

8) You do not need to use excessive grunting to win a game.

9) Don’t forget to thank everyone in a thankyou speech.

10) Woo the crowd, but with your tennis exploits!

Only one day to go for the blog a day challenge – woo hoo,  wonder what my wonder a day tomorrow will be – check in tomorrow morning to find out.

(c) June Perkins

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