Wonder a Day 27: Finishing the Challenge~!

Looking beyond – June Perkins

Finishing is an awesome feeling when it is as the end of  an exam period, a large project, a house build, writing a novel, a university degree, a PhD or something similar.

There’s a sense of achievement and a time to be laid back and enjoy the product of all that work.

This blog challenge has ended with 27 wonders!

You probably remember me saying that I didn’t want to blog everyday next month – that is for two reasons; firstly I want to do more in depth blogs; secondly I want to invest time in editing a  few books, mapping out and researching a novel to start mid year, and writing some stories.

The down side of blogging every day is that you can’t put as much work into each individual blog if you have a lot of other things to do.

So my next month’s challenge  – drum roll please –  is to create two blogs a week (total of 8 blog for the month) that are all interconnected in some way.

I will create a  seriel of some kind – I have not set the genre yet – that will happen tomorrow morning when I wake up.  I want to write something original, probably fictional and will make a big effort to bust those cliches, and turn them inside out just like the family’s writing hero Terry Pratchett does.  He is hilarious!  To do this will require placing a deliberate cliche in a story and then turning it inside out.  Yes, a month of cliche busting on its way, that has to be a good idea for a writer – yes!

I’ll throw in another review of ABC Open – somewhere in the middle of my challenge just for relief.  There are a lot of educational photography blogs coming in, and the photography ones are brilliant.

I have a feeling my story is going to have a photographer in it, but other than that I have no idea what is going to happen, but I will reflect on the creative process in each days blog as I go – a self reflexive journey ! Hmm that might be fun too.

So there you have it next months challenge:

8 blogs

With some cliche busting and self reflection on the process of creating the story (maybe not in each and every blog, but just when something inspiring happens.)

One ABC Open review for relief  and mid blog challenge break.  Here we go bring on February!

 Are you setting yourself challenges? 

Why not let me know, would love to know what they are and how you are doing, post a link and inspire others?

Would love to know what you think. The emails left on comments are not passed onto any third party for use for marketing or data.

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