Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (2)

The bird can be so unkind.  Pecking the youngest of the family just because he is so loud.  The bird does not like competition for it is centre of its own world.  This family is its domain.  The bird owns the space – and gurgles deeply when it is happy with his power.

The child hides from the bird.  It keeps going for his eyes and his toes.  He shuts the door to his bedroom and will not come out – not until Mum has told him where the bird is.  He is making his own fortress to keep away that bird.  He is in the middle of a Hitchcock movie right in his own home.

But then his courage returns and he places the bird on his shoulder and it hops back into the cage.  As soon as it is home the boy closes the door.

Where is the mother of the bird.  She cannot hear her long gone child. She is somewhere in the trees, or maybe on a roof.  She is looking for somewhere to build another nest. She cannot cry for each lost one.

The lost children wandering away from disasters, will they find their parents?  Like the lost birds from trees are they somewhere caged in another existence, unaware of who they once were.  Will they return home one day?

Lost children find their way into stories, like Peter Pan.  Lost children on faraway islands, and adventures, longing for a true mother.

Crocodiles with clocks, tick – tock and pirates.   How many kids want to be pirates at parties, to sail on boats, and make people walk the plank.  True pirates are scary though. They carry guns and hold up boats.  Fantasy pirates are lost souls and cool like Johnny Depp.

The boy wishes he could make the bird maybe disappear. But he knows his older brother loves the bird – and so instead he takes his older brother out to play cricket and leaves the bird in the cage to wait longingly for his master – the older brother.

The bird cannot become human and be a little brother.

Self Reflexive

This piece was inspired by real life a little, our pet bird is crazy!  I wanted to change  it a bit and think about theme of lost children.  I think I can push it a lot further and develop it. I think I could do some research about pirates and children who lose their way home after being swept away in big disasters – but in terms of progressing a plot I am not getting very far but I am exploring themes and that is interesting. I did move from the bird’s perspective to the child he pecks though – and that seemed a very natural story movement.

Cliche Busting

I think the theme of Pirates and lost children and birds can be developed with movie references to make it contemporary and move it away from cliche.  It’s a way to make the piece more distinctive.  I feel it could do with a lot more work but it’s good to get blog 2 out of 8 done and now a few days break to think what I can do next in this month’s challenge.

For part 1- Uncaging the Bird (1)

(c) June Perkins

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