Guinea Pig – Pet Magic


It’s true pets have a major restorative power.  Just looking at this photograph of our guinea pig Misty makes any stress I am feeling go down.

This last week I have been doing tonnes of administration – and am learning about insurance as a solo writer/artist.  My local artist friends have given me heaps of tips and I am almost there with a solution to my insurance dilemmas.

I am also in the midst of working out the cheapest and most attractive way to hang documentary photographs.  The local photoshop are giving me a big hand with this one and I’ll be off to the hardware store soon to get some more help, quotes and get this underway.

The other day I went into see a friend in town and they gave me a beautiful book The Honey Thief to read.  I enjoyed it so much I have already finished it and I think it’s inspiring me for ways to approach some of my own writing.

I love books rich in culture and history, yet accessible and this book is truly like that.

Really itching to do some creative writing – and will start doing some daily even amidst all the busyness.  Writing is just something that calls to me and says – time to write that story down.  So dear blog if you suffer a bit it’s because I’m working on a story saying ‘it’s my turn to be written.’

Look out I have some paid commissioned online writing coming up, and I will post the links in the usual places, including here.

Today I am enjoying the cooling powers of the rain. Yesterday I was browsing ABC Open and considering it was time to do another review as there are some amazing things happening over there, and some new projects about to be launched.

(c) June Perkins

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