Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (3)

Chasing Sunset

Mother bird chases the sunset.  She remembers when she was a young bird. She sees the feathers of the lost brothers and sisters in her dreams.

She made it.  She stayed in the nest and was fed and cared for. Most days she barely wonders about where her brothers and sisters went.  There are too many other things to think about.  Like, what she will eat?

She does not know she is one of the worst 100 feral pests.  She does not know many plan her humane death.

She is singing and looking at the other mynah birds on rooves of the houses.  She is going back to her home.

The native birds watch out for her, because she is mean.  They are keeping clear and will come back when she is gone.

Sometimes she sees a bird just like her with humans.  ‘What is that bird doing?’It chases her away and then the foolish bird is stuck in a tree.

She laughs at it waiting for the humans to rescue it.  It is like a pet cat.  Silly, silly bird.

(c) June Perkins

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