Music Heart

(c) June Perkins, Guitar Boy series

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.
-Jonathan Edwards

Music, when the heart of my day, is so empowering.  Words, notes, instruments, timbre, sometimes lyrics all combine to create something that stirs the heart, soothes it, takes it and transports it somewhere else.

So many lessons in music about harmony – and how to work together, and about internal harmony and how to unify within.

In the last year I notice how often the guitar is photographed, and how much more my daughter sings.  My son loves to make his own music on the guitar.  I think we should record some of it.  It is gentle and him.

She sings words that mean something, that tell her about love found, love lost, and love scorned.  She laughs at life, mostly, when she is not tired.

She has the music heart.

So many songs of birds, like music, not like music, some just make sounds that remind you of other things – mocking and rocking.

Wind through cane, makes music.  People through life make music.  What settles in their soul music for eternal journeys?

Perhaps time to do close-ups all about music in the last few days of ABC Open’s close up competition and finally decide on my actual entry.

(c) June Perkins

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

3 thoughts on “Music Heart

  1. I truly appreciate your visits Tammy, will pop over to your blog soon. Loving connecting with more rural women around the world, as well as Mums.


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