Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 2

Melodian, by June Perkins

Friday continued

I feel like a country mouse in the city as we go to navigate the buses to get back to my friends’ house. I have worn the worst shoes for our long walk on footpaths and through galleries and museums.  So my son and I decide we’ll try bus it back. We are  worn out from all our wanderings. It’s turns out to be a crazy idea, because this has to be the most confusing and rapid fire bus-stop I have ever been at.

South Bank Interchange is not somewhere I ever want to go again – without a navigator. Still someone kindly explains to me how to read the timetable and the conductor waving buses in and out of the interchange radios to find out which bus I need to get onto back to my friends. We give up in the end, the chaos and speed of the area is just too much for me to bear and we walk home back to my friend’s house.

The funny thing is that just as we are leaving we see the bus that would have taken us home pulling into the stop.  Oh well! That’s life.

We stop for mango smoothies and a snack. (Normally this time of year I would be fasting but today am on an exemption for travel and other womanly reasons.) My shoes go clippity clop on the footpath which drives my son nuts, and so I try to walk on the grass to minimise the sound. I think we are just plain tired. Finally we arrive home. My son is keen for the movies, but I persuade him that after I have given my talk tomorrow will be much better, and ask him to consider doing something we can’t do anywhere else but Brisbane. I am so worn out.

Daryl is off to Ukulele club, we could go, but we’re tired. My son despite his desire to go out falls asleep after a short chat with me and Karen.

Karen and I talk about all sorts of things- as we will all weekend, projects, digital stories, living in the city, the garden, how she found her melodian, and mutual friends. It is great to be with a facebook buddy in real space and get to know their home environment. Karen is into the art of collecting old furniture in street throw outs, it’s called scavenging, but in reality it is rescuing objects bound for the tip. She has filled her whole house with rescued objects for furniture but it all seems to go together quite well. I suggest she starts a blog on it.

Daryl arrives home and we all have a cuppa. He has enjoyed the ukulele club. One thing I notice about Daryl and Karen’s house is the harmonica, melodian, and ukulele are constantly played. There is no television set. My son tries all the instruments out whilst we are there.

So Friday comes to an end. I try to sleep but the city sounds keep me awake. People live so close to each other. Although two barking dogs in the night are the biggest culprits. I think of back home, and wonder how the rest of our family is doing. I manage a small amount of sleep, before the morning light streams through the window.  Today is the day I will speak about contributing to the Aftermath project.

….To be continued

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