Wet Season Arrives?

Murray Falls – June Perkins

A break from the writeup of the Brisbane Adventure, due to the arrival of the wet season.

Will the wet season arrive?  Will we dodge cyclone warnings?  Will we be flooded in?

This is a time to wake each day and listen to the radio whilst having breakfast, because announcements about non-accessible roads are inevitable.  North Queensland Tropical city and country living is punctuated by the wet season.  Although this year we have as a community been debating if it’s going to happen as it seems to have been unusually dry.

This morning David, my husband, woke up to the sound of the pounding rain, was on his way to check the bom site when the phone rang, and the Principal of the school we live next to asked how the roads were looking near us.

David then drove off to check the roads and came home with a report of where the water was over.  There were still some roads open and the road to Tully was open.  It was looking like going to work at highschool was going to happen.

This was followed by a call from the bus driver, saying so far so good, they would be running so a normal day was on the cards. However, this was shortly followed by a call from the bus driver again – saying, no the roads are looking dodgy and waters are rising fast we won’t be running the buses.

Next step in this wet season saga is that David then becomes a primary school teacher for the day, as well as having to plan his lessons for the day at the high school.  He phones the Vice Principal at the high school to let him know the situation as well as his staff room to pass on lesson plans.

Before long parents rock up to our door step to check he will be teaching and drop their kids off at school; it looks like no other staff will be in and so our youngest son will let Dad know the routines of the day.  He has a few tips from the Principal –but she has been away for two weeks on long service leave and is not sure what the kids are up to.

I make lunches for David and my two kids who will be heading to the Primary School.

Our youngest and our daughter, who’s in the first year of high school, are off to the Primary school with their Dad.   Youngest is excited to have Dad teaching for the day with no real set program.    His Dad is a talented teacher and can think on his feet, this should stand him in good stead today.  I think though perhaps he is wondering how many kids he will actually have and thinking back to what works best with primary school kids as he is high school trained.

The Principal is not coming in, as her road may be cut off, and if buses don’t run she is advised not to head to the school, and it seems unlikely any other staff are going to be able to make it in either as they live down side roads that are flooded in on days like this.

Our Eldest decides to stay home and work on an assignment.   I am working on an exhibition and have loads to do.  I might just check how they are all going later.  The exact number of children arriving today is an unknown factor.

My daughter pops home to pick up Dad’s glasses – as he can’t leave the school being the only staff member there.

So how else do people approach the wet season?

The rained in days can become days of reflection, and meditation – to celebrate the wet tropics.  They can be places of a comma or full stop in life – a time to take a breath before moving on with normal routines.

Yesterday we went to observe a waterfall awash with so much water from rain it was majestic.  The leaves of the plants and trees on the way to the waterfall were all glossy and green with the rainwater sheen.    They looked like they had been varnished.   It was refreshing to escape from the indoors to enjoy the rain.  Wet seasons are what they are and as long as you are prepared for the adventures and full stops you cope just fine.

Our kid’s sneakers were wet, and headed for the dryer when we arrived home to be ready for the morning adventures.

Now back to today – the rain has cheekily stopped, but the day is set, and until 3pm David is a primary school teacher.

Wet,wet,wet – June Perkins

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