Experiences of Epiphany in the big Smoke – Part 4

Brisbane March 2011 109
Presenting the Aftermath story is quite emotional.  I have to hold back tears as I hear Carolyn’s story once more, even though I know things are pretty cool for her family these days – it makes me think of all the people who have been forced to move away from the area.

News stories are about real people, and if everyone saw news about wars, floods, famine, the way ABC Open is covering them we might just fix the world up a bit quicker.

A funny moment during the presentation is when my son is photographing us speaking and forgets to keep the flash down as instructed; I know flashes distract speakers and have instructed to him to not use it.  I give him a little signal and this is immediately followed but not just by him – by the whole audience  – who giggles.  He  is so cute – mini documentary maker in the making with his doting mentor mum forgetting about the audience oops.  Later I will I mix many of his photographs into a slide show.

There are some special moments immediately after the presentation, like meeting Heidi Den Ronden who went through the floods in Brisbane, and a facebook buddy Clara Guy and her Mum.

Being the avid documenter I ask them all to be in photographs, but this time Roly and his buddy and Karen help take the photographs.  There is one taken of me and and my son! 

Most of the time it’s going to be him enjoying Brisbane in these pics so this ones a precious one.

You can read more about the presentation at the ABC Open blogs.  Now I pick up the story after the presentation.

Saturday afternoon 10th March 2012

After the presentation it is time to devote some time to my dear son, he has been so helpful – handing out ABC fliers and being a junior ambassador for the program.

He is keen for the science centre but first we purchase some presents for the family as I am sure we wont get the chance after this.  I find a book on women illustrators and collectors from Queensland and some illustrated science books.  We find a limited edition owl necklace for my daughter and a grow a dinosaur in water egg, which is for my son to enjoy with his sister.  He amazingly doesn’t opt to buy anything for himself.

We are given free entrance to the science centre by the museum staff, who realise I have just given a talk in their museum, this is a surprise that a keen ten year old develops springs in every single step from and my son is bouncing as if from wall to wall with energy drink delight.  We head off to the science centre, and he has an absolute ball and sees some balls with very flash zippy lights in them too.  First of all we solve a crime in a forensic exhibition.  It’s an engaging exhibit and very hands on, encouraging kids to observe, reflect, take notes and put together all kinds of clues.

Then we go to the science show, which is announced on the loud speakers.  Here my son’s hand is up for every question.  He loves it!

Science Show _Brisbane March 2011 127
Science Show presenter – notice the halo!- By June

We learn about the nature of light – and I have the feeling that this is something my son is never going to forget.  Our presenter for the day invites lots of audience participation and has a wry sense of humour poking fun mostly at himself.  We see demonstrations of reflection, refraction and the colours that make up white light.

My son impresses the presenter so much with his enthusiasm that he talks to us at the end.  Turns out he has connections to Tully – small world hey!

Now we explore the rest of the exhibit.  My son has fun with this optical illusion which results in his head appearing on a platter.  Needless to say every second parent was taking this photograph of their kids in this exact pose.  Can you work out how they did it?

Brisbane March 2011 151
Illusion time – June Perkins

Now for the sporting fanatic a short sprint and a chance to be timed is just the ticket.

Brisbane March 2011 142

There is so much more, and of course I took a lot more photographs, but you should probably just visit the museum so I won’t spoil it for you.  It’s probably worth making my son a photo book of our visit – he loves looking through our holiday pictures so much.

So that was Saturday afternoon – luckily they had places for exhausted parents to sit, as I was feeling a bit worn out by my bounding happy son.   Next stop – off to the station to be picked up by Karen – and a visit to the cinema to see HUGO – a wonderful film and a post in its own right – a movie review.  And as for Sunday – we went for a pilgrimage to the outside of the GABBA and on a ferry trip.   All that to look forward to in my next posts on our trip to Brisbane.  I want to write this up the whole trip so my son will have a this blog to refer to in future times.  It takes me back to the whole reason I started a blog, which was to document  and share our family’s special events.  I better write up my parent’s in law’s fiftieth wedding anniversary at some stage – and our visit to Melbourne, but I was just too busy enjoying and photographing it to write it at the time.

(c) June Perkins

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