Final Selections, March Flies and Anchors

the journey
June Perkins – The Journey

Preparing for an exhibition is like preparing for a birth – only you know the exact date (not a rough estimate give or take a few) and you have to meet it. Everyone is there to watch, not just your partner or other nominated birthing coach.  The contractions of an exhibition are strong – time to select, print, mount, and add the text near the photos.  Deep breath, continue, another deep breath. Time to publicise, invite, cater — yikers get a move on girl!

Will people get that this exhibition is sharing a part of my family? Part of my community?  Our journey in the last year? If only I had more time to prepare.  How many about-to-be parents do you think have said those same words?

Preparing this exhibition has been a journey, enjoyable but just a bit nerve wracking as it comes to fruition.  I can’t say pregnancy was that easy though – especially the first child.

Labour in all my cases at the end part was fairly fast though – lucky we got to the hospital on time and stayed there awhile to wait even when they told us to go home.  Otherwise I’d have some baby born on a road by a canefield stories to tell.

During my pregnancy I remember almost permanently basing myself in a cold shower all that time ago – and wishing we had an air conditioner.  We were in Townsville at the time and it was so hot, and no rain! We were poor uni students living from hand to mouth. I wrote a few poems, might try dig them up and share them ‘Tropical Mum.’

Today we live in the wet tropics, and although it can be mighty humid, we are blessed with rain – like today – just enough rain to cool it off and not a big wet, just perfect wet.

Today we had surprise drop in visitors, keenly into photography and bookmaking, and headed off to the Murray Falls, and I took along my dearly beloved camera.

It was inspiring being with people who love photography as much as I do, and who take things slow so as to observe what is around them.  For once I was not the one at the back always stopping whilst my family call out, Where are you Mum?

It was amusing to watch the kids catching food for our pet bird – grasshoppers and march flies.  We all mused whether blue on tablecloths and hats really attracts March flies and how if you kill one March fly all its friends come around to attack you.  What wisdoms do you know about March flies?

Bushgirls just wanna catch bugs – June Perkins

The girls were full of zest in their quest for bugs for food for others.   Future naturalists or zookeepers?  I wonder which?

After we said farwell to our visitors at the Falls we went to take a photograph of an anchor.

The inspiring story of the anchor will be included in the exhibition.  I took several photographs of Christine, the owner and a few of my family interacting with it, and she took one of us.  I clicked this one of my son sitting on the anchor at the end.

Whenever we are busy it is a time to remind ourselves of the true anchors in our lives. What anchors us to joy or does joy anchor us?

Anchored, by June Perkins

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

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