Take Time to chase the Sunset

Sunset chase – June Perkins

The thing is it’s not good to miss the sunsets too often.  Sometimes one just has to leave the desk, project,  chores and just take time to revel in its brilliance.  However just lately I have been missing them!  It’s not that I mean to, I’m just in the creative zone, and everything else is a bit hazy. I am definitely a bit vague at the moment.

So time to take a walk down memory lane with some photographs and remind myself take a few minutes to appreciate life.  I’d like to chase sunsets around the globe.  Give me a sunset over a storm or a slippery day that just goes too fast.

Tomorrow I have to go check out if those caterpillars are in their cocoons now.

It will just take a few moments and I can do it to catch a breath when doing the hard yakka of mounting the pictures.  Maybe I’ll even take some time to bathe meditatively speaking in the sunset, if we’re headed for a good one.  How about you?

Sunset captured… by June Perkins

(c)  June Perkins

2 thoughts on “Take Time to chase the Sunset

  1. Hi June, I love sunsets too, and, as you say, you have to drag yourself from what you are doing to just gaze in awe at the ever-changing colours. They alter so quickly and often vanish before you have managed to track down your camera! But you have certainly got some beauties here. Well done. Jane


  2. Yes, sure are some beauties, after the exhibition will be out doing more photos and cooking up some photography projects with friends this time, rather than on my own (:


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